Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lovely Blog Awards

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Well, I'm am simply so chuffed! My bloggy-pal Psych Babbler has named me on her One Lovely Blog list. It's a really nice validation for a brand new blogger like myself. Only 2 weeks into it, and already I'm hooked!

So, as I understand it, I am to pass on this prestigous honour to my favourite blogs. So here they are, in no particular order. The envelope please... (yes I realise I am hyping this up, but hey! let a girl have her moment..)

- Psych Babbler: Over Cups of Coffee (this is not lip service, I seriously enjoy your posts.)

- AllieCat: In a Beautiful Pea Green Boat

- Darnonymous: Three Little Birds

- Mari-Ann: Counting Coconuts

- Alex: Whoa Mumma!

Please visit these clever gals, if you aren't already a fan, I'm sure you will be soon.



  1. Ahhh... The sweet smell of Validation!! Well done you!! And thanks for the links... Me thinks I may have a couple of additions to my bloggy list!

  2. YAAAAAAAYYY!!! Always nso nice to hear that people actually like reading my everyday drivel! ;)


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