Saturday, November 7, 2009


Hi! Quick update...

Caught the train and walked through beautiful Roma St Parklands up to the swish hotel. Arrived, dumped bags and turned on TV just in time to catch the nudie-rudie scene from Sex and the City Movie. Score!!! I love this movie, it's vacuous, self-absorbed and full of ridiculous over-priced frippery, everything I'm not at present. :)

Am currently sitting on squishy bed watching rest of movie, sipping a drink and looking out at the park. When my legs are no longer jelly (it's a damn steep hill up to Wickham Terrace!!) I will sashay around the City for a bit, returning to glamourise myself and whip hubby into shape before making our grand entrance (stuff D & G, who said it had to be their day!).



  1. Love Brisbane, did it on Wednesday!

  2. Gaaaah, I have missed so much already!
    Need to read back & discover why we are sipping drinks in a swank hotel first!!!!


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