Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One of the Gang

Don't you hate when you join a class and you're clearly the newbie? Everybody else knows all the moves, chats amongst themsleves and barely looks in your direction.

It doesn't seem to matter what sort of group it is, if I join it, guaranteed it's full of a tight knit group who've all been going for ages. Some are lovely and include me like I've been there the whole time, like my Mothers Group, some are clique-y and exclusive, like the book club where two people kept talking over the top of me . I started an aerobics class yonks ago, and the instructor didn't even bother announcing what they were doing next, the whole class moved like a school of fish, with me the bumbling Dory banging into everyone.

I joined a pilates class when GG was about 6 months old and left after a few months, because not only was it not helping my bad pelvis (thanks GG, you lump of a fetus to carry!), but not one woman had said anything other than a casual Hi to me, with no follow up anything.

Well, it appears this unfortunate talent is hereditary. GG started swimming lessons today, and because of a cock-up where the front desk woman sent me to the wrong place, we ended up having to join the next class. One that was, of course, full of kids who knew all the moves, sang all the songs, and left their Mums to go with the instructor with no dramas. Sigh.

Luckily, GG is happy and confident in the water, and I'm sure once she gets to know the instructor she'll be fine. The Mums seems nice and friendly and one little girl was holding GG's hand as they sat on the edge kicking their legs. Plus the instructor actually took time to explain to me what we needed to do for each section of the class.

Hopefully GG won't be a newbie for too much longer.



  1. Being a newbie is always hard. And I have that newbie gene as well. Its difficult and I think that excluding the new girl is something women can excel at. GG will pick up the moves asap, I just know it :)


  2. I have the newbie gene too! However I think I come off as very snobbish sometimes but really I'm just sad no one likes me ;-)

  3. Same here!

    I went to my friend's meditation class a couple of weeks ago...I had no idea what to do ...all these new terms...but everyone was ok...chatted to me afterwards :)

  4. I think we are all a newbie at some point..but that will change. In no time GG will be the life of the party like her mom.

  5. Girly - you know I looove your blog- so much so that I passed on the Sugar Doll blogger award onto you!!! Please stop by my page so you can pick it up and pass it on!!!!! Enjoy!!

  6. I am in too. I am glad after reading your article that I am not the only one often feeling left out at the new places.

    But kids are great at making friends real fast. Hope GG makes a good bunch of cool friends and soon excel at whatever she does.


  7. just wanted to let you know I gave your site a yell out - i have posted since so didn't want you to miss credit where credit is due!



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