Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blast from the Past

I was at City Hall in Brisbane tonight, and while Mum and I were finishing off our Gelatissimos (yum!) outside, she was telling me about the days I used to go to kindy there on the rooftop of City Hall.

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I knew I went to kindy there when Mum worked in the City, but haven’t really thought much more about it. It was only tonight that she painted a bit of a picture for me. She talked about how she would often have to fight her way through protesters (it was the 70’s) to pick me up. It created such an image in my mind of gentle, lovely Mum, elbowing hippies aside and growling what about her right to just get home with her daughter.

Back then she lived on the Northside, and would catch the train in with me, and in 15 minutes flat would have raced from Central Station to City Hall, dropped me, and raced down the hill to where she worked. No wonder she was so fit back then!

She also got me thinking about the guilt I feel when GG cries when I leave her at kindy, and how I really needn’t bother. I have absolutely no recollection of being left, even the day my finger got slammed in the big, heavy entrance door, and Mum had to race to the hospital carrying me gushing blood, to get it stitched. I still have the scar. I have no abandonment issues, am very close to Mum (who worked full time back then) and have yet to become a sociopath. So maybe, just maybe, I have nothing to worry about.

Apparently the kindy is still open until they close City Hall for refurbishment, I really should make a pilgrimage there...



  1. That was a bit of a blast from the past for me, too.

    Memory of my Grandmother taking me up to the top of the tower, at noon to hear the bells.

  2. That's exactly what my mum says to me too when I am crying to her about parenting guilt.
    On shabby days where I feel like I've done nothing but scream at Kaia all day long & I feel wretched, she says to me
    'when you were 2, I had 3 under 3 & I felt like I screamed at all of you all day long sometimes. Do you remember it like that? Do you look back & think I was a bad mum?'
    & she's right, I don't remember any of that, I only have memories of a patient loving mum!

  3. You're right. You don't remember any of the frustration that your mother must have lashed out at you when you were 2...heck I have about 10 memories from before I was 7!


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