Wednesday, November 25, 2009

And the Award goes to...

The totally divine Six Divided by Two has awarded my lil' ol' blog this:

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Yay me! Being relatively new to the blogging world, it's lovely to get feedback like this!! I am totally thrilled, as I really like Six's blog, she has amazing taste and style, as well as moxie to burn. She is uplifting and funny, and she and her equally amazing twin sister at Six in One Hand are facing a tough time at the moment, so I'm sure they'd appreciate some bloggy love.

Now, the idea is to pass this on to some worthy bloggers, and then share 10 things about myself. So, without further ado, the girls I'd like to award are:

Whoa Mumma - Alex always amuses me with her dry, funny humour and her 12 week fitness challenge has just about convinced me to do the same. Seriously, she looks awesome! After 4 kids!!

Chronicles of Sharnia - This cool, funny chick is also a newly minted blogger and mummy, and her tales of a former city girl adjusting to life in her One Horse Town often has me in stitches.

Three Little Birds - Darnonymous is the author of this truly lovely blog. She is funny (hmm.. I'm noticing a pattern here!), touching and, having taken out the last two Blog This challenges, a very clever writer.

OK - so now for the 10 things about me. Here we go:

1. I am completely addicted to cups of tea.

2. I am completely over reality TV. Though I did watch the final of Idol, and I'll watch MasterChef if they bring back real people. Oh, and I don't mind Amazing Race. And does the Choir of Hard Knocks guy's latest show in the women's prison count as reality? Probably huh? OK, I'm completely over the idea of reality TV.

3. I know I need to get off my butt and lose some weight, but now that I am big, there is no way I'll go to an aerobics class and humiliate myself. Catch 22 much??

4. I am scared of heights. Seriously. I am also scared of the monorail-death-trap-thingy that takes you between the casino and Broadbeach Mall. The fact that my 2 year old daughter dances blithley onto this does not help me feel like a grown up.

5. Some days, I don't feel remotely like a grown up.

6. I wish I had travelled the world after leaving school, instead of shacking up with my teenage romance. Who could of seen that that would never last!?!?!?!

7. I love old school Billy Joel songs. Oh, and White Snake's "Here I go Again" it's my personal "break up song" that I always used to play to amp me up after a failed romance, and still love for some bizarre reason. I have even driven past my house and round the block, just so I could keep singing it at the top of my lungs!!

8. I am a really bad singer.

9. I really wish I could get my hair to behave. I could live with it being curly, just not frizzy. And I could motivate myself to straighten it, if it didn't go so flat.

10. I know how to give a horse a manicure.

There you go! I hope you go visit my bloggy girls, and I look forward to reading their "10 Things".



  1. Oooooh that is so sweet of you! Totally made my day & always love me some Blog lovin! Thanks a mill!

    God if Idol/loser/big brother comes on again I am seriously going to smash the tv. How do they not get the concept of enough of a good thing?! Then again, they had the brill idea of bringing back hey, hey after all these years & look where that got'm!

    I love finding out little bits like these about the Bloggers I stalk. I'll have to think on mine a while...

    Mwah mwah (yeah that was kisses).

  2. Congrats again!!! You are so worthy !!!!!! Have an awesome weekend!!!
    P.S. My family wants to visit down under soon- I will have to stop by. Where are you close to??

  3. With you on the reality TV...its like some people are really out to make it a career?

  4. Oh Wow - international blog visiting!! lol
    We are on the beautiful Gold Coast, Queensland. Sort of happens to be a tourist mecca...

  5. Thanks. Tell me this was genuine and not a stitch up ;-) I will post this on my facebook and bring you an influx of visitors. Are you on there? Oh I don't know your name - email me if you want or add me my thingy is on my blog

  6. Me...I...Your Mother....could have (and did repeatedly) tell you that shacking up with teenage romance was NOT a good idea....but did you listen to me?????

  7. Awww, thanks ever so much!

    You can give a horse a manicure?! Excellent!


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