Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Child is a Genius!

Clearly, I have given birth to a prodigy. I think I can be safe from bias when I say she's going to be the next Michelangelo.

Last night, GG was playing with her Play-Doh while I cleaned up after dinner, chattering away to me. When she told me she was going to make me a moo cow from the round ball I gave her, I didn't get my hopes up. So far the animals she has mastered are snakes, worms and lizards, minus the legs. You get the drift.

So when she bought this up to me, I was genuinely stunned. GG is only 2 and a half, so I think this is pretty bloody good!

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I think she may have been practicing at kindy - what do you reckon? :)



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