Friday, November 6, 2009

Whoo hoo!

I simply cannot wait for tomorrow night! That's right folks, I am throwing off the shackles of motherhood, throwing on a cute outfit and GOING OUT!!! WITH HUBBY!!

We are going to a swanky hotel in Brisbane to celebrate the 10th anniversary of some great friends (holy shit! Am I old enough to have friends on their 10th anniversary?!?), these are great guys. always heaps of fun, and the night is sure to be a hit. Oh, and we are staying in same said swanky hotel. For the whole night, we will have a bed TO OURSELVES!!! Oh, be still my beating heart! Of course, the major component of my fantasies about this bed involve sleeping, but I'm sure there'll be something on the menu for hubby. :)

It's pretty rare that I get a night out on the tiles, but it's practically impossible with Hubby's work schedule that we get a night out as a couple, so I AM PSYCHED!!!

And, to make it even more fabuloso, I am, at Hubby's urging, going up early to spend the day cruising the City, swanning around a hotel room primping and preening ON MY OWN and generally doing anything that doesn't involve the words "Mummy come", Mummy play", "Mummy sit", "Mummy help" or "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!".

I may even get to read a book! Oh, the unmitigated joy.



  1. Well, while I will be dealing with 'Granma come', 'Granma sit', 'Grandma play' and 'Waaaaaaahhhhhh!!!' and more excitingly 'I love you, Granma!', hope you have a great day and a lovely night. By the way, when you write about things on the menu for hubby, please remember your mother reads this blog... then again Hannah does need a sibling!!! Enjoy!

  2. Suck it up lady, it's my blog and I'll fornicate if I want to!!! :)

  3. pmsl! I hope you have a wonderful night! I too, forget what it's like to just be with hubby on my own too!

    Have fun!

  4. hahaha i'm laughing at the comments between you and your mum

  5. Hahaha! You & your mum are crack up! Ok, I'm with ya now, have an awesome night on the town!


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