Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heat, wind and windfalls

Phew! So today was the day of the car boot sale, 4am wake up call and all. Oh joy.

Hubby, GG, the loyal hound Scout and I all decamped to the school down the road at 5.15, thinking we'd be first and get our pick of the spots, only to see them streaming in the gate, having been parked all along the side of the road since God-knows-when!! And of course, we were on the wrong side of the road.

Cue some "assertive" driving and we were in!! Ta da!

It was hot as heck, even at 6am, but we were well prepared with an esky of water bottles and cool snacks for GG. I could've taken 1 minute away from slathering suncream all over GG to slap some on myself, however, as now I have a chest and shoulders the colour of a Christian Louboutin sole! I'm deciding to go with it and accessorise accordingly. :)

What I was not prepared for was how quickly the people decended! I was madly unpacking stuff (who knew I had a whole table's worth of cocktail glasses?!?!?) and it was being snapped up before I could line it all up nice and neat and pretty. I had also forgotten how much STUFF I had.

I had warned hubby that I intended to bring nothing home with me, even if it didn't sell, it was getting taken to a charity bin or the tip. And it was so!! We got rid of EVERYTHING! I feel so cleansed and de-cluttered, like my house has had a colonic irrigation!

Add to that we managed to make about $200, even with me practically giving stuff away at the end just to get rid of it, and I am rapt!! Of course, being the sensible, responsible person I am, I took the money straight to the bank. Then I walked past the bank and went to the shops! Hazzah!!! I now have gorgeous new knickers and a pair of snazzy trousers for my first day at work tomorrow. Don't ask me why, I feel more confident in nice undies, even though my days of flashing them are long gone...



  1. hahahaha good on you. I know the feeling with nice undies - will give you confidence.
    I too LOVE to declutter.
    and ps re: last post - go girl - I feel very similar to you in goals and blogging etc... right there with you

  2. Yippee. Have a great first day tomorrow!

  3. AWESOME!!!!!! I need to peddle my wares!!!!Congrats on the dinero !!!

  4. Well done! We had a car boot sale on the same day and made $130 from our old junk, I was rapt too! I can't believe what some people buy, treasure from trash and all that.

    You banked your takings, good girl, I'm saving mine for Christmas shopping!

  5. Well done! Good luck with new job tomorrow (can't go wrong in your new undies!).


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