Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Eat, Drink and be Responsible

The High Court ruled this week that outside of Responsible Service of Alcohol, publicans have no duty of care to their patrons for their actions once they leave the establishment.

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What! No! That means people will actually have to take responsibility for their own actions, and that can't happen in the Nanny State. We need to have every commonsense decision legislated, because obviously we can't be held accountable to ourselves, someone needs to be liable! It also means I can't sue De Bortoli's for the cost of raising GG, apparently.

I don't understand how this can happen? I thought we did away with such outdated concepts like commonsense and self-accountability when that woman put a McDonalds drive-thru coffee between her legs, and was surprised that it was hot when it inevitably spilled. She should just thank her lucky stars she didn't have to drink the bloody swill.

Does this mean when I sink a vat of margaritas on my upcoming Girls Night, lose my keys, forget where I live and fall asleep on the lawn, I won't be able to hold the nightclub or the City Council liable for the stains on my silk blouse? Surely not, they should anticipate things like this, something should be done, we can't be expected to look after ourselves, for Chrissake!



  1. Here here or hear hear or whatever the right spelling of that is! Couldn't agree more...and I look forward to the tales that eventuate from said girls' night!

  2. Ha!!! Now you are on MY bandwagon!! I am soooo sick of people not taking responsiblity for their own actions. Remember me going on about it even in your teens? You get drunk and do something stupid, guess what? It's your own fault. I think this is something all children should be taught right from early childhood. You jump off a bridge (drunk or sober) and hit your head nor worse....your own silly fault. Don't sue the bridge company or council because they didn't put up a sign saying it may be dangerous to jump off the bridge. Phew! Glad that's off my chest!!

  3. Yay, heres for commonsense and can I come with you on your girls night out? Sounds like fun :)

  4. Lol! In this day and age no one wants responsibility eh? Come to think of it, maybe that's why it feels like I am banging my head against a brick wall when I get young kids and teenagers to see how they need to be responsible for their actions. They are apparently learning that other people are responsible. Where's that brick wall now?? I may get my head through that sooner than get these kids to understand responsibility!

  5. I love it... Taking responsibility for YOURSELF. WOW, that is an amazing concept. Especially in this day and age when we can sue for the most frivilous stuff. I wonder if any these people have ANY home training?? Where is there mother? Because I know that my momma would tell me in a heart beat, " You KNOWWWWW BETTER THAN THAT!!! WHAT"S WRONG WITH YOU?" And would probably slap me in the back of the head lol... It is a pleasure as always....

  6. I remember hearing Ewan McGregor being interviewed (I think it might have been on Parkie) and he said he was riding his motorbike in Italy and suddenly felt really free. There weren't 1800 signs telling people what to do and what not to do. He said he actually had to use his commonsense. Amazing!

  7. Gawd I have so much to say about this topic that I won't even start!
    After 8 years woking in pubs/bars & 5 of those as a pub Manager I quit for that very goddam reason!
    I was so sick of spending every night being abused by drunks, regularly screamed at, spat at, ocasionally felt up by assholes, ocasionally even physical violence (& another Manager glassed in the face), & yet they never ever had to take responsibility for it.
    It is disgusting!
    No bartender or pub should be reponsible whatsoever, it is up to the individual to take responsibility for every one of their own actions!


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