Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In a word

Okay, I stole this idea from Psych Babbler's lovely blog. The idea is to answer the questions below with just one word. This will be an interesting challenge for me, as I'm known to get a little wordy. :)

1.Where is your mobile phone? Bench

2.Your hair? Mussy

3.Your mother? Beloved

4.Your father? Challenging

5.Your favorite food? Guilt-free (yes, I'm deciding hyphenated words count. Sue me.)

6.Your dream last night? Absent

7.Your favorite drink? Tea

8.Your dream/goal? Happiness

9.What room are you in? Living

10.Your hobby? Blogging!

11.Your fear? Loss

12.Where do you want to be in 6 years? Teaching

13.Where were you last night? The edge!!!

14.Something that you aren’t? Giraffe

15.Muffins? Please

16.Wish list item? Genie

17.Where did you grow up? Coast

18.Last thing you did? Typed??

19.What are you wearing? Gym-clothes (again with the hyphens)

20.Your TV? On

21.Your pets? Asleep

22.Friends? Appreciated

23.Your life? Appreciated :)

24.Your mood? Motivated

25.Missing someone? Grandparents

26.Vehicle? Filthy

27.Something you’re not wearing? Wedding ring

28.Your favourite store? Myer

29.Your favorite color? Blue

29.When was the last time you laughed? Yesterday

30.Last time you cried? Dunno

31.Your best friend? Awesome

32.One place that you go to over and over? Kindy!

33.One person who emails me regularly? Ebay :)

34.Favourite place to eat? Restaurant

So, maybe that's given you a little insight into what makes me, me! Feel free to take on the tag if you wish...



  1. what do I think of your hyphenating two words? cheeky

  2. Lol at ebay! And nice to know a bit more about you! :)


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