Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mamma Karma

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“I hope you grow up and have a daughter... just like you”.

Maybe a passing gypsy overheard my mother utter those immortal words, because it seems I have done exactly that (besides the growing up bit).

Of course, with GG being only 2 it’s hard to tell, but I think the proof is there.

Now, I’d love to say this means I have the most obedient, calm, even-tempered little girl of all time, but that would be a flat out, dirty rotten lie. Whilst GG is 80% of the time a happy, bubbly, extremely helpful and co-operative child, my Lord, that other 20% of the time makes me work for it.

Earlier, she threw an all-out, thrashing on the ground tantrum which lasted for over 10 minutes. Why? I hear you ask. What could have brought on such a fit? Did I dismember her favourite teddy? Feed the Hi-5 DVD through the garbage disposal? No – a bug didn’t land where she told it to. Seriously.

Sigh. GG has always had a tendency to go to pieces when something doesn’t go exactly how she wants, Dolly doesn’t sit exactly right in the pram or similar (just like me, according to my Mother, who tries hard not to grin when I tell her this) and I try to work with her to stay calm and persevere, but honestly! A bug!

Another trait GG has inherited from me is my stubbornness determination. She shows amazing grit for someone so little. Like when she got out of bed 47 times, even though she was so tired she couldn’t see straight, the first night I tried teaching her to go to sleep in her bed, not on the couch with me. Luckily, we got that sorted quickly (hey! A quick learner, another inheritance!).

I’d like to think her perfectionism and determination will serve her well in her no doubt stellar adulthood, but if she truly is going to be just like me... say a prayer for me when she reaches teenager-hood!!



  1. Oh My God... that is so my Mum saying that. I hope your daughter gives you the shit you gave me. And guess what. She's almost 9 months old now. And I can see it in her eyes, her mannerisms. She is going to be JUST.LIKE.ME. Just like I am JUST.LIKE.MUM. Which means we are going to fight like cats and dogs.


  2. Sorry but I think we need to arrange a play date...we may have twins, seperated at birth.

  3. lol Alex - a play date would be great, but what if they team up on us??? Oh, the horror!!! :)

  4. hahaha sounds great. my boy is only 10 months can hardly wait to see what quirks he has.... I guess at least he is a boy so my mum can't use that line on me..

  5. Maybe it is a little mean of me but,yes, I cannot resist a little snigger when I hear how determined GG is. Mind you, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, so I'm sure Mummy imagines some of her worst exploits!!!! (Although I see her enough to know you don't!) If she grows up to be anywhere near as lovely as her mum she will be fine. The traits that are difficult(??)to deal with as a child and certainly more difficult as a teenager will serve them well when they are adults - you just have to get through the intervening years - and I survived almost sane!

  6. Aw shucks! Can anyone guess who HK is? :)


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