Friday, November 27, 2009

Lost contacts, early mornings and nature poos

I have had a day of disgusting things.

Possibly the most disgusting thing of all was being woken at 4.30am to help Hubby look for his contact lens that popped out while he was getting ready for work. After an hour of searching, dis-assembling sink pipes and generally cranky-pantsness on both sides, we deduced it had been washed down the sink and into God-knows-where. Fun.

So... hubby can't drive without the lens, and has super-important work-type stuff, needs to meet some guys out on site and get them started, yadda yadda yadda. Being the immeasurably good wife I am (and GG was on a sleepover anyway) I throw on some clothes and drive Hubby to Wacol. Yes, that's where the prison is, right next door to it we are in fact!! They even had to do police checks on the guys to make sure they hadn't been, or didn't have family or friends, serving time in there. Nothing like having a mate with a bulldozer on the other side of the razor wire!!

I must admit, it was actually quite nice to hang out with Hubby for the morning, I took him to a few others sites, then to an optician to get an emergency lens. It was the most time we had spent together in weeks!!

So, I get home around lunchtime, a very tired GG is dropped off by Grandma, all PlayGrouped out, and we both have a rest.

Then, this afternoon I was busy and filthy in the veggie garden when GG announced she needed to do wee. Rather than hose ourselves off to go inside, I decide to be all Earth Mumma about it, and whip her knickers off and tell her to go wee under the tree near the fence. Yes, yes, I expect my Mother of the Year Award to arrive any minute.

Well, I look over and she's decided to add another process, if you know what I mean. Yup, poos on the lawn. Lovely!

I sigh, kick myself and try to figure out how to clean THAT up. Turns out I needn't worry, the dog has got it covered. HE ATE IT!!!!!!! Stomach churning, I banish him, re-dress GG and wonder how my life got so glamourous. I still can't bring myself to let the dog in, I don't think I'll ever look at him the same way again.

Disgusting, disgusting day. Where's the wine?



  1. awwww I am sorry your day started out so rough. But hey, look on the bright side at least you have your own little personal vacuum. Have a blessed day!!!

  2. eeeewwwwww!

    Bloody dogs really will eat anything!

    Just another reason to never let a dog lick you.....

  3. Eww!

    I can't get my sons to pee outside. My 6 year old is an aspie. When he has a rule in his head (such as wee goes in the toilet, from toilet training days) nothing can make him break it.

    It's useful most of the time. But there are moments, like when we're out at the beach, where it is a

  4. hahahahahaha disgusting day indeed Quix!

  5. That is so, so gross!

    Last time 2 times that we've hit the beach Jazz has POOED on the sand. Yuckity, yuck, yuck.

  6. Oh dear! I dislike grossness quite a lot but parenthood somehow just drags it out of you kicking and screaming doesn't it?

    We had our own grossness this morning.....The bebito had a dirty nappy midst swimming lesson (apparently as Mr gets in the pool, not me) - anyhoo, as he got out of the pool, I discovered what happens to #2 within a swim nappy. The bebito screamed the house down and flicked it all over me as I was desperately trying to clean him....suffice to say I told Mr to get him into the showers pronto. Dear oh dear oh dear.

  7. Oh I laughed so hard reading this..... :-)


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