Sunday, November 8, 2009

Return Unto Me

I am an official believer in Angels. I always kind of have been really, and I like to think there are signs and symbolism in things. I remember looking at GG on the change table when she was a newborn, and feeling the distinct "presence" of my deceased Grandma, almost looking over my shoulder. She would've be so happy to meet her first great-grandaughter, and I comfort myself by thinking that she, and my other grandparents, have had a chance to see GG.

So last night, after having a wonderful time, we came back to our room and me being me, I didn't bother to take off my makeup or jewellery. I also never bother taking my earrings out when I go to sleep, as the ones I wore were my "default" earrings I wear all the time, beautiful little diamond cuffs, that my Mum gave me for my birthday . Then this morning, after I had a shower, I noticed one of my earrings was missing. These are very sentimental to me, so I was pretty upset.

After looking all through the bedding, moving the bed, tossing the room and throwing hubby out of the shower so I could search the bathroom, I hadn't found them anywhere. More than pretty upset.

Then, when I was back in the bathroom talking to hubby about my bad luck with jewellery (more later), I was dejectedly pawing through the little zip purse I bought my necklaces, rings and stuff in. There, right on top, was my earring. I was tipsy, but not drunk last night, I DID NOT take my jewellery off, especially ONE earring.

Thank you, Angel, for my earring.

Now can I please have my wedding rings back?

Yes, you heard me. I lost my wedding and engagement ring. I had not been wearing them for a couple of months, as I had dermatitis from constantly having my hands in water or Napisan (GG was a few months old), and the rings irritated it, and I kept scratching GG with my high set engagement ring. Then one day I had them both in a case in my bag to take to the jewellers to get cleaned up, I met hubby for lunch after visiting one jeweller, who I thought was too expensive, then got sidetracked and didn't get to the other jewellers. A few months later I realised I hadn't worn them in ages, and went looking for them, only to find them gone.

The thing is, when I realised they were gone, hubby and I were having kind of a rough patch. I didn't feel particularly connected to him, and wasn't all that upset to find them gone. It sort of fit how I was feeling. I believe in signs and symbolism, see.

Lately, I have been really obsessing about them. I want them back. I am in love with my husband, we are committed to our marriage, and I am wondering why they haven't come back to me. So, I'm putting it out to the universe, and any attendant angels - can I have them back now please? I promise to treat them, and my marriage, better.



  1. Hope you find your rings!! Stupid question...but could they be in the folds of the handbag? I've 'lost' stuff that way.

    Oh and I love the new look blog!1

  2. Oh no, total bummer. I am seriously bad with jewellery, I chose my $100 engagement ring knowing that full well! I'd still be dev'd if I lost it though, it's still pricey in sentimental value.
    I'll add that to my 'lucky' blog post too, along with your request for a great new job, & numerous requests for lotto wins!

  3. haha Yes, thanks Dar, I need your magic blog!!!
    PB, good tip, but I tore three of my bags apart looking for these damn rings!!! :)


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