Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

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There's a bit of debate in my family at the moment about Halloween. I'm in the "for"column, though. Mind you, I get quite into just about any holiday or event you can think of (except New Year's Eve, totally overrated if you ask me).

I get that it's yet another American custom that has infiltrated us Aussies, along with all their crappy sit-coms, slang, wearing basketball jerseys to advertise your wankerdom etc., but c'mon!!! It's fun!! I think it's good for kids to dress up and explore the darker side of their imagination. I have a little girl who is quite sensitive to scary stuff, but has made a bit of a breakthrough lately with realising that a lot of stuff she finds scary is just people doing "play pretend".

Tonight, she is at my Aunt's dressed up as a mermaid, and handing out lollies to Frankensteins, goblins and vampires without blinking an eye, and is super keen on going trick or treating up the road with my cousin. I'm a little bit disappointed she's not here with me, but she will enjoy it more with her cousin, and they live on a lovely quiet street where nearly everyone knows each other, and she will have much more fun there. Plus, she staying over at Grandma's (who lives next door to my Aunt), so Mummy and Daddy get some long-awaited time alone!!! Maybe I need a costume of my own!! :)

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Yes - I am a sad little Twi-hard... oh! the shame...


  1. Ba ha ha...oh, if only I didn't have a house full of kiddies this evening...we did the Halloween disco at Abracadazzle...ugh!

    I'd rather play Twi-hard with my husband too!

  2. has infiltrated here hasn't it? I remember dressing up a couple of times when I was younger and lived in Oman. And you are a twilight fan...I haven't yet read the books but saw the first movie with a friend and didn't particularly like it. Maybe the books are better...are they?

  3. Hi PB! Yes, the books are MUCH better, I'm so not a teenage romance book kind of girl, but I do love me some kick-ass vampires, so I thought I'd give the books a go at the urging of a friend, and got sucked right in!! lol Stephanie Meyer has created the crack of the literary world... you know it's bad for you, but it's so addictive!!!


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