Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Going Ga Ga

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I caught Lady GaGa's latest single 'Bad Romance' on the radio just before. For the entire intro, I thought it was one of her other ones. Am I going crazy, or does the backing track to most of her songs sound pretty much the same? Don't get me wrong, they're catchy-ass tunes, and I like pretty much all her stuff, but maybe that's because it's all pretty similar?

And kinda repetitive. What happened? Did her manger wander on up, saying "Hey Lady, your next song is due, we need to record it NOW!"

"Well, gosh manager-type-guy, I just spend all night tethering live budgies to my frock, and I still have to hang this curtain rod strung with tinsel from my nipples and paint my face like a geisha; can't we just use the music from last time?"

"OK Lady, I guess, but what about content, you know, the lyrics?"

"Geesh, what with all the cleaning up after the budgies, I've only managed about 4 lines, just play them in different combinations over and over again. By the time the video is released, everyone will be too busy trying to see whether I have a penis to concentrate on the words!"

I'm torn on the crazy outfit issue. I get that she considers her outfits 'performance art' and just as important as her music, but maybe that's because without the outfits, she's just another blonde pop chick with a catchy song? I've seen her on Rove and in a few interviews on music shows etc., and she seems kind of dull actually, and quite stilted. Is she trying to have something interesting about herself, or is she just more at home singing, and a bit shy outside of her comfort zone?

Now I know I'm not one of the cool kids, and because I'm over 30 can't possibly be expected to understand modern music, but I WAS around for David Bowie (who she cites as a major influence) and I'm pretty sure Major Tom sounded different to Let's Dance.



  1. HAHAHAHA! So true!
    I hate that I find myself singing along & actually liking her music because she is such a nutjob!

  2. Totally agree...did ya see the MTV awards when she had blood pouring out of her costume? Wow, so inspired! so creative! so lame.

  3. ah you are funny. But raise very valid points. I am not ga ga about ga ga. Put some pants on woman


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