Friday, October 23, 2009

Gone for the weekend

I will be offline until Monday. We are going to Melbourne for the weekend, yippee!

Every year, Hubby and I try to get away for a family-only weekend before all the hoopla of Christmas, but this year we have decided to use it to join some great friends in celebrating their son's First Birthday, and we're pretty excited. It's a long-awaited getaway, and as part of the rules, Hubby has to leave his work phone behind and I've agreed to leave the laptop (sob).

I love Melbourne, have been 3/4 times, but this time it'll be all about kids, parks and exploring the cafes of St Kilda rather than the shopping and restaurants of the previous trips.

GG is super excited about the trip, especially her very first plane trip! I will try and get some photos and learn how to upload them. The plane trip will either be great fun or a complete nightmare, fingers crossed!!


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