Thursday, October 29, 2009

Domestic Un-Goddess

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I've had an afternoon of housework today (oh, the joy and glamour of my life!) and as I was dashing around doing the absolute minimum required, all those little tips I've absorbed from reading magazines along the lines of "Better Homes Than Yours" were running through my mind, as were my responses to them.

1. Use horizontal strokes on one side of windows and glass doors, and vertical on the other. This way you'll know which side a streak is on.
This is certainly helpful when I'm carefully stroking away, and the dog is happily huffing and puffing and pressing his nose up to the other side to see what I'm doing. Sigh.

2. Use very hot water when washing your floor, it will dry quicker.
Or, do as I once did and trip over the stupid mop bucket, burn the soles of your feet dashing for the towel cupboard to save your carpet. Grab your favourite beachtowel (dammit!) and use your now-sore feet to shuffle along to mop up the water. Only now may you consider your floors well and truly washed.

3. Deodorise carpets by sprinkling a layer of bi-carb soda over them, leave for a few hours and then vacuum up.
Just light a scented candle. That way you won't think the dog has gone rabid when you spot him foaming at the mouth 'cos he licked up all the bi-carb.

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  1. Ah! A woman after my own heart (or I taught you well!!) I know housework has to be done..funny that no one ever notices if it's done, only if it's not. I've always been slightly suspicious of those women with perfect houses, obviously have no life!! I'd love to have a cleaner house but with shopping, catching up with gossip in magazines, coffee with friends, dancing etc to do, where do I find the time.


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