Monday, October 26, 2009


Well, we made it!! We are back from our weekend trip to Melbourne, and other than a nightmare trip home (more later) we had an awesome time!!

GG took to the skies like a born traveller, and was so excited to ride on a plane for the first time in her life. She even giggled all the way through bile-inducing turbulence coming in to land at Melbourne.

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Ready for takeoff!

Melbourne decided to welcome us with glorious weather, clear skies, cool air and bright sunshine. We stayed at a hotel right in the heart of St Kilda, with everything at our doorstep, so we decided to walk to Luna Park for a look. As we got there and were taking the obligatory photos, another Mum came up and gave us her son’s all-day ride pass, as they were leaving and it was only 2pm. This meant Hannah got to have some rides, and as she was below the height requirement, an adult rode free with her. I love this kind of camaraderie between Mums, it’s like we’re all part of a big club and help each other. Much nicer than Judgie McJudge-Judge sniping at each other, less of that please. And good on Luna Park for not charging a parent to ride along with a child who needs one anyway.

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Luna Park Gates

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Fly, Dumbo, fly!

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Lovely carousel

Then we did the Esplanade, picked up some gourmet pizza for dinner and went back to the room to flake and watch Flicka (GG and Mummy are horse gals!). We all fell asleep in a big pile on the one Queen bed, and slept like a little family, it was actually kinda nice.

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St Kilda Pier, The Esplanade

Sunday was the day of Zac’s 1st Birthday, and his parents Elke & Justyn put on a great party, there was fairy-bread, a swing and a sand-pit, so that was GG sorted for the day! :) It was great to catch up with our dear friends, and help them celebrate the big milestone a first birthday is!

Whilst our trip down was great, timely, great service from check-in staff and flight crew, the trip home was a real tester. We flew on a airline I won’t specify, named after a jungle predator with orange and black stripes. When we got to the airport at 5.30pm (we had to check in at 6.30 for an 8.30 flight), there was a line of people out the door. Several flights to Sydney and Perth had been delayed til late that night, and two to Sydney had been cancelled. Plus there was a television crew from one of those awful “Airline” type shows there. I’m sure they pay the airlines to cancel the flights so they can get ‘good TV’ of people having meltdowns at check-in counters. Anyway, I won’t dwell, the staff were doing their best to help, given that they didn’t actually make the call to pull the flights, but waiting three, yes three, hours in line with a tired, bored, frustrated and fed-up toddler was not my ideal end to our trip! As soon as we were on board though, she settled with a drink of milk and slept the whole way home, even through a lightening storm!

Given this kind of zeal for travelling, I’m inspired to save up for another holiday next year, maybe Asia somewhere, or New Zealand to see her Dad’s extended family. But we will probably pick another carrier. :)



  1. Wow Quixotic, if you're not careful you will be the known as the Techy-one in the family!!! Glad you had a great trip... GG looks like she had a ball. Great photos! Which isn't hard when you have a such a cute subject!

  2. I have promised myself never to fly that airline especially after watching their TV show! Bad thing is one of my friends works for them, he says it happens all the time.

    Great pics, love Melbourne!


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