Monday, October 19, 2009

Fired Up... not.

I got fired last Wednesday. I’ve always been one of those people who get incredibly nervous when you are unexpectedly called into HR, even though it’s usually something fairly innoccous. This didn’t help that fear – it proved it! So... Sacked, retrenched, let go. However you couch it, I had a job Tuesday, now I don’t. Well, actually in 2 weeks I don’t. It was only a casual admin job, but they still gave me 2 weeks notice. Which is nice of them, I certainly appreciate that I still get to earn money while I look for more work.

But isn’t it incredibly uncomfortable serving out notice periods?? It’s like breaking up with a guy and still going on dates, right? It’s partly a rejection thing, even though HR assured me how it was just a cost thing, I’m the only casual (the price I pay for working part time so I can raise my daughter), how awesome I am and what a tremendous help I’ve been. But all that did was make me think “Well, why don’t you get rid of the highly-paid so-and-so’s who’ve been making life difficult for everyone else”. And trust me, they have them. But no, I bite my often sharp-enough-to-get-me-in-trouble toungue, smile and tell them how much I’ve enjoyed my time there. Wuss.

But apart form the rejection thing, there’s the sudden drop in motivation. You didn’t want me, that’s fine, just pay me out and I’ll be on my merry little way. But please don’t expect me to gleefully sit through those 3 hour meetings that don’t actually resolve anything, and please don’t expect me to be all fired up (excuse the pun) about ABC Client’s latest decision. Also, please don’t expect me to NOT use my work computer to check and email resumes. Oh, c’mon! You can’t have a policy allowing employees to use the internet for personal use and not expect that to happen.

So now, the big decision. For a long time now I have wanted to re-train as a teacher, but current economic forces demand I work, and that we can’t afford tuition just yet. Before I had GG, I was a Exec PA type, and I could easily do that again if I wanted to work full time. But I want to work part time so I can spend more time raising my child. Because of that, I’ve dropped my ego and am happy to do any sort of admin job that is part time – which is usually pretty menial.
So do I cross my fingers and hopefully find another mind-numbing part time admin job, do I work full time just for a little while so we can afford tuition sooner and I can start chasing my dream, do I do a Teachers Aide course, cross my fingers and hopefully get work in that field until I can afford tuition, or do I think of something else? I think I need a tribal gathering of the girls, some good wine and a child-free night to mull it over!!!

I’ll keep you posted... :)

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  1. Sorry to hear you lost your job and definitely hope you get another soon!!! I'm surprised that the govt thinks things are on the up when people are still losing jobs. And here's to chasing that dream of becoming a teacher! Good luck! :)


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