Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yet Another NYE post.

I didn't really want to do 'yet another New Year post', as I'm not the biggest fan of New Year's Eve, I find it over-hyped and feel a false pressure that I have to have an awesome night, or the whole year ahead will be ruined.

Having said that, a whole decade has passed, along with a couple of pretty tough years at the end there, and I think that deserves a look back, if only to stop me being so negative in my feelings about them.

In the Noughties, I...

... met the love of my life.

... married him.

... had 9 different jobs, not including temp assignments! I also learned I have commitment issues.

... lost weight, gained weight, misplaced weight and found it again (was down the back of the couch). Funnily enough, I remained the same person, and was no happier thin than fat. Go figure.

... moved house 4 times.

... finally learned how to straighten my hair.

... lost all four of my Grandparents. I pray they still watch over me, and I remember the lessons they taught me more and more as I grow older.

... gave up smoking.

... became a Mother. Not to sound like a cliche, but it was simply the best thing that has ever happened to me. I learned what it is like to see your heart live outside of your body; that I will never have a perfect, calm, orderly life, and that I don't want one anymore; and most importantly, I learned that we are all part of something bigger, and that the world does not revolve around me.

... went from being part of a yuppie couple with ready disposable income, to part of a suddenly cash-strapped couple after a series of incidents. I also learned just how flippant and disrespectful of money I had been. It forced me to grow up, get a clue and now I am a marvel at what I can do with $4 worth of beef mince!

... stopped trying to over-think everything, and learned to just let what will be, be.

... saw my beautiful sister married, and subsequently knocked up. I can't wait for my niece or nephew in 2010!

... met some amazing friends, and whether they are still in my circle or have moved though, learned lessons from all of them.

... saw dear friends welcome babies into the world, and farewell ones they never got to meet.

... rediscovered my passion for writing.

... saw triumph, terror, tragedy and trivia all have their turn at dominating the news.

... wished someone would come up with a better term for the past decade than the 'Noughties'.

Have a great New Year's everyone, I hope 2010 is a wonderful year for us all.



  1. Well, here's hoping the next 10 are spectacular.

  2. I agree, the last decade was eventful and I love your list.

    Let the new year bring new adventures for us all.


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