Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gonna party like it's my....

This could be dangerous... been drinking wine since 3 this afternoon. Had a great time catching up with the whole family (like a re-run of the Chrissy I missed!!) at my Aunt's 60th birthday today.

But now, it's all about me!! Yup, hubby has been put on Daddy Duty, cause tomorrow is MY BIRTHDAY and we all know that it's totally okay, in fact it's compulsory, that you start acting like the centre of the universe for at least a day before and after your birthday. As if one piddly little 24-hour period is enough to contain all the spoiling required to celebrate my joining, and remaining in, the human race!!

Actually, I was really struggling to get any motivation up for this birthday, but now that hubby has organised a nice breakfast out and we are going to see that Avatar movie that I said looked awesome, I am starting to get excited. That, or the copious amounts of alcohol I've consumed this evening are beginning to kick in! Wow - breakfast and a movie! A few years ago that wouldn't have sounded very exciting, but now I'm perfectly happy just to be spending quality time with my man, plus I just like it when I don't have to be the one organising everything. A few drinks with some girlfriends to finish off the night, and I'm golden. Well, that, and the pressies of course!

Alrighty, I'll expect the champagne and little blue boxes to start arriving shortly, shall I??



  1. have a great birthday.......!!!! Enjoy the 24 hours, we don't get enough of them!

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you enjoy your breakfast and Avatar.

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! Funny how the goal posts change once you have children.... Breakfast out AND a movie sounds like heaven to me too!

    Good luck on the little blue box... the only little blue box I am likely to get would come from Bunnings and contain nails or something!

  4. Happy Birthday Gurlie!!!! Party like it's 1999!!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope everyone makes you feel special today!

  6. Happy birthday! Hope you've had a fantastic day "off"!


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