Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Loving myself sick right now!

Well, I’m a happy little camper tonight. Apart from the small part of me that’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. Or explode. Pride goeth before a fall and all that. It’s in my DNA that when everything is going swimmingly, there’s a part of me looking nervously over my shoulder, waiting for something to come slap the happy right off me.

I’m proud to report that it took a whole 4 minutes of standing outside GG’s door tonight for her to go to sleep. No histrionics, no screaming, no wailing (from either of us!), just a bit of low-level whinging (default setting for 2 year olds anyway right?). I am now waiting with baited breath to see how the rest of the night pans out. Last night was ok, a battle to get her to go to sleep, but standing outside the door seems to be the trick, she woke up twice during the night, but settled well using this way.

The other thing I’m SUPER proud of is that I survived Heartbreak Hill.

PrivateBenjaminGoldieHawn.jpg image by kseiple66

I joined a fitness group through the Council’s Active & Healthy Program (yes, the newbie yet again!), and today was my first day. It involves an hour of charging around a park, bursts of strength & balance work and a massive freakin hill, all while being cajoled and encouraged by a man far too perky for 6am. Or ever.

Being Day 1, my goal when I arrived was to just keep up with the herd. Then Heartbreak Hill was explained to me. I was given the choice to try and see how I went, or walk laps of the park at the bottom until the conquering heroes came back down. No freakin way was I lapping it with the oldies. My new goal was get my fat ass up that hill. And I did!!! Granted, I could barely breathe by the time I stood victorious at the top, but by God I loved the view, seasoned with my sense of achievement. You'll also be pleased to learn that I did NOT, despite strong temptation, trip up the skinny blonde goddess wo kept lapping me.

Remind me of that view when I can't walk tomorrow, please.

Also, on the way home from said personal achievement, I was thinking about this, and also GG and the new night-time routine I’m trying to do, when I saw a bird, flying along in front of my car, flirting with the wind current and just generally looking free and happy.

Then it occurred to me that it was white. .. sort of pigeon-y... oh my ever-loving God! It’s a dove!!!

Seriously, a real live dove!! Could it be my own little messenger of Peace, sent to tell me I’m onto a winner. Yes or no, I beamed the whole rest of the way home.



  1. Yeh, nothing like the feeling when you get to the top of that hill because you know the pain stops and the way down is soooo much easier. Well done.

    good luck with GG and a full nights sleep

  2. Keep up the good work. And I hope GG sleeps for you, all night and in her own room.

  3. Woo hoo. You go girl!! OMG GG in her own bed. Congrats you superstar. And the hill?? I am in awe. And I adore your dove. Adore it. I hope my day today is as good as yours.


  4. Yep I reckon that was a sign - you are where you need to bed.
    Monte woke up 4 times last night screaming then decided it was time to get up for the day at 5.30am.. I am a dazy mess now...... I need to get to your point!

  5. If that were a silhouette of me standing on top of Heartbreak Hill, it'd have its hands on its hips and be bent over double. Wheezing audibly like a bagpipe (or are bagpipes always plural? I don't know)

    You certainly sound chipper!


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