Monday, December 21, 2009

Geoffrey? You're on the list!

You know what? Screw you Toys R Us.

You heard me.

Today, after an almost farcical amount of evidence that I shouldn't have bothered getting out of bed today, I dragged a tired 2 year old all through Pacific Fair (a shopping centre roughly the size of Albuquerque) to the only Toys R Us on the Gold Coast. They had been advertising a trampoline and safety net enclosure discounted from $460 to $199. Given that GG will jump and bounce on anything slightly springier than concrete (and even that at a pinch), this was an opportunity not to be missed. Given that we are still in our own personal Financial Crisis, as well as the Global one, the plan is to lay-by it, pay it off over the next few months and have it ready for her birthday.

So I fight the crowds and madness, find the right display, and grab a ticket. Then I look for the lay-by counter. And look. And look. I finally get the attention of an elusive staff member. Note I distinctly DO NOT say customer service member. I ask said staff member where I might arrange a lay-by. I am smugly informed "We don't do that", in the same tone as if I had asked him to crap on the floor.

"What?" My pithy reply.




"Why on earth not? Don't you enjoy business?"

"Sweety, (grrrrrrr) if you knew, you know that offering lay-by eats massively into your business. We haven't done lay-by since 6 years ago, when 70% of our items lay-by'd for Christmas weren't even picked up."

Now, my first thought was "Gee, if people are paying for stuff and then not collecting it, wouldn't you have MORE money? You know, since you could then go ahead and sell that same item?". But clearly, being female, I couldn't possibly have the slightest clue. But I'm still slightly stunned, so I just snap, "Oh, you only care about profit, not the increased revenue gained by greater patronage from offering customer service. Good to know." I may have also called him a wanker as I walked away.

So, another addition to "THE LIST", an irrefutable document of all persons, companies and yes, countries that have raised my ire. When I assume the throne, you will be the first to be annihilated.

I'm sure that in the golden reality of the decision-makers at Toys R Us, $200 is an amount easily accessed by parents of young children the week before Christmas. I'm also sure that to them, GFC stands for Greater Funds Coming. Who cares about offering a service that might actually help out those of us who try and be a bit financially responsible, and don't spend our grocery money on toys for the kids? If you just refuse to help, they'll find a way themselves (which I did) and then we won't have to pay for additional staff and storage costs. Money-grubbing bastards. I really wish I could have been proud enough to say "Screw you!! I'll pay another, more helpful company MORE money, just so I get the satisfaction of taking a sale away from you!". But of course, a great deal is a great deal, and money-tight parents don't have the luxury of principles. Which, of course, is exactly what they count on.

Oh, and by the way, the sass-fabulous Daffy at Batcrap Crazy, has decorated me with one of her very own Awards, the Blogger with Attitude Award. Haven't the foggiest as to why. :oP

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Luckily, this award comes with no rules whatsoever, which is good, because I'm feeling rebellious anyway.



  1. Grrrr bad customer service is one of my pet hates! I have my own trampoline/bad service tale that I'll be writing up soon.
    Hope you're day got better!

  2. I hate bad customer service! That's just ridiculous! I would most happily pay more at a store with better customer service...even though I'm generally a miser and look for bargain every time. They get worse around this time of the year, don't they? They know they will get sales...

  3. Yup, I hate ToysRus too, they are never any help when you do eventually find someone. Mostly I find their prices overrated too, so at least it sounds like a bargain you found.

    You faced the shops with a toddler today? You are a brave woman!

  4. TOYS R US....grrrr! Our store always smells like body odor. Its gross. I refuse to shop there. Won't even buy anything online out of principal. Wanker is a word that totally under-used. I'm making it my personal mission to use WANKER at least 6 times today.

  5. This is why I only shopped there ONCE!!! I do not like that company. I love that you call it lay-by. Here it is called lay-a-way. Or it USE to be called that. There are only like 2 companies that offer it anymore. I really hate that. I could get my Christmas stuff in September and get it out by October. Viola Christmas is done!!
    Congrats on your award!!!


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