Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tag! I'm it!!

Well, even though I was usually the bad girl hiding behind the tennis courts having a cigarette in High School, Alex at Whoa Mumma managed to find me and involve me in a game of Tag. This is much better than any playground game though, as it's a Happiness Tag. I am to write 10 thing that make me happy, then pass it on.

So here they are; some are deep and serious, some are flippant and trivial - just like my moods!

1. Being a Mum. I never thought I would be one, never thought I would even want to be a Mum, and then shortly after I was married, a little stirring happened. We decided to try, and lo and behold GG came along and grabbed my heart. I gave it willingly and she never let go, I hope she never does.

2. A good hair day. You know when you've had more than 3.5 seconds to have a shower and get a chance to actually wash and condition in one go; it's clean and shiny, bouncy and sitting just right. Not like, say, now, where it's 3 days since I last washed it, lank and dull, scraped back in a ponytail.

3. Creme brulee. Need I say more?

4. That rare moment when the planets align, the Gods smile upon us and hubby and I get time together, having more than 5 mins before he dashes off again where we simply trade dot points of things we need to remind each other of. When for once we don't let the stresses of the day make us snarky and snipey, and we get real quality time together, time to be funny and silly, or cosy and cuddly.

5. I know it's a little bit naughty, but I like to break the rules. Not big ones, and nothing immoral, but silly little ones that irritate you - it makes me feel like somewhere under the sensible, responsible Mum I've become, there's still a little bit of rebel in me. :o)

6. That exhausted but happy high you get after a great workout. Go endorphins, go!!!

7. A great book, and the time to sit and read it properly, getting swept up in the story and tuning out the outside world. A glass of wine sitting alongside me completes this picture.

8. Driving fast, with a kick-ass song blaring on the radio.

9. Going out to the veggie garden with my daughter, fussing around and seeing plants actually growing yummy food for us, and watching as she tenderly waters them, pats them, talks to them and eagerly eats the beautiful, organic veggies I have learned how to provide for my family.

10. And of course, last but by no means least... COMMENTS!!!

Now, I know I am supposed to pass this on, but see Rule 5. :oP
If you want to pick up the tag, feel free!



  1. Oh, if I had more than 3 hours sleep a night, I would have thought of better ones ha ha.

    Yes, driving fast is one (sorry, fast and the furious fan for various reasons) and a good hair day would be bliss. Right now it's a pretty shade of green from 4 days in the pool. Doh.

  2. I don't need to write a list cause written one for me!! At the moment I'm a little drunk (it is New Year's Eve Eve after all) and I'm totally in love with Elton John...

  3. A great workout? What the heck is that? ;)

  4. Oh hurrah! Awesome list. I feel the same about being a Mama. Never something I had a burning desire to do, unlike some others I know but it's an amazing thing! Happy 2010! Thanks for making 2009 more fun with your musings. xo

  5. Nice list! And shows you how the simple things in life are awesome...

    Hope you have a great 2010!!


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