Monday, December 7, 2009

Just another Manic Monday

You know those moments you experience that have a perfectly reasonable explanation, but frozen in time, would probably get you committed?

I had one this morning. I'm sure, had the Sanity Police come knocking this morning during the mad rush that is getting us all out the door on work/kindy days, they would've had cause for alarm. Possible arrests would've been made concerning the naked woman running around her house dripping wet, holding aloft a palm-full of conditioner.

Of course, I had a perfectly reasonable explanation. Basically, GG needed to use the potty, which had been accidentally shut in the bathroom, and she came back to me in the shower to inform me DOOR SHUT!!! HELP!!!, after I had just poured the conditioner in my hand. Not wanting to waste my ridiculously expensive and heavenly la-de-dah mango and grapefruit conditioner (seriously, you could drink this stuff!), I did what you do... perfectly reasonable, right?

The fact I got distracted on the way back to the shower and spent five minutes looking for library books is because they have been slipping my mind for a week now and the sight of the receipt on the kitchen bench made me think if I don't put them in the entryway NOW they'll probably end up being yet another week late. Perfectly reasonable... Right??



  1. yep absolutely and funny. The things we do now we have children. multi-tasking, naked! hahahaha
    oh and melissa hoyer answered your questions i'll post them soon - hugh jackman - surprising answer!!

  2. The queen of multi-tasking!!! I too use to do all kinds of things in the buff when my girls were small. That's awesome....

  3. I feel ya girl!!!
    I'm good to get one thing accomplished these days!!!


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