Friday, December 11, 2009

Gingerbread creations

So GG had her PlayGroup Christmas party this morning, and like the good little mamma I am, I decided to send her along with some gingerbread treats to share.

Cue a lot of mixing, kneading, GG spending 15 mins deciding what shapes we would use, only to have the reindeer and Santa's not turn out (too many little fiddly bits, gingerbread kept breaking). Most of this happened yesterday afternoon, whilst trying to get her and some snacks ready for her Kindy Christmas party. No pressure, no pressure, just relax, you've got a whole 3 minutes left...

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The first batch cooling.

Then, at 6 this morning, we were baking the last 2 batches and icing the lot. Cue GG eating gingerbread cookies for breakfast, with an icing chaser. Luckily they had a jumping castle at PlayGroup, where she could bounce off all that sugar.

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The last lot, iced and ready to go!



  1. You rock!

    Spent Wednesday night baking 48 chocolate cupcakes for a grade 5 party!

  2. WOW those look really good. Send one up here . You are such a good mom. Me, I run to the local bakery and pick up the finest my money can buy!!! I bake only for home. I know bad mom, bad mom.

  3. I can never do those squiggles! I get taken over by performance anxiety and can't get my hand to make small enough movements. Yours are so enviably neat. I'm impressed :)

  4. clever Mummy! Well done, they look great.


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