Thursday, February 11, 2010

Truth in Advertising - The Follow Up

Well whadda ya know!

Seems like I'm not the only one noticing what's going on with sneaky old Meadow Lea. I just saw the series of ads I posted about last night again, only now they have two screen shots at the end saying the ad was brought to us by Goodman Fielder and the Heart Foundation.

Hmm, that, or maybe my blog gets read by more people than I realise!!! :-)

You might think the Heart Foundation thing would hold a bit of weight, but remember this is the same foundation that gave their "tick" of approval to McDonalds meals.

As for Goodman Fielder, that strong upstanding-sounding company (hell, it even has "good" in their name)... hmm, imagine that, they own Meadow Lea!!!!

Do these people think we're stupid?



  1. I've always been suspicious of the Heart Foundation tick programme!

  2. Yes! They do think we are stupid. AND I believe you have to pay for a heart foundation tick. So whilst it may be on one brand which is healthyish, there could be another brand which is better for you, but the company hasn't paid the thousands to get the tick.

    Fresh, natural and un-screwed-about-with is the best way to go.

  3. Anything that involves polymer chain reactions is usually something I would rather not ingest.

    WTG Quixotic!


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