Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hands off my hoo-hah Tony Abbott!

So politician and Federal Heath Minister Tony Abbott has decided to jump up and down about women's health issues huh? Abortion and virginity namely.

Of course, being a middle aged male, he is eminently qualified to speak on such subjects.

We all know Tony Abbott don't we? The guy who in 2005 was re-united with his son, who had been adopted because of course Tony and teenage girlfriend didn't believe in abortion! Heavens no! The fact he was in the media for his refusal to ratify the use of the "Abortion Pill" RU-486 was just a coincidence... oh wait, that wasn't his son was it, nope it was another man's son... who worked as an ABC sound recordist in Parliment... hmmm... what a coincidence... I wonder if they ever ran into each other... Anyscam, I'm getting off topic.

So now he is commenting again on the abortion issue, and has also been banging on about how young girls should value their virginity more and not give it away so easily.

Sure he's the Health Minister, so there is some relevance, but my issue is not really even on his opinion, I happen to think we probably should be fighting teenage promiscuity, and whilst I think he should have approved RU-486, it's not like he is trying to criminilise abortion again, he just doesn't want to see more of them, and well, okay, who does really?

My issue is that yet again, some smug man is telling women what to do with their bodies. How about funding for advocacy and womens groups to actually help young girls. What about more funding for schools to educate and empower young girls? No, just bleat on about a topic and get your name in the news.

And really Tony, if you are stupid and conceited enough to jump feet first into this particular minefield, what other stupid and conceited decisions are you going to make as my elected representative? Pass, thanks.

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  1. Just as educated as the scientists who have proclaimed that women don't really suffer from 'baby brain'....sometimes men just need to learn when to keep their mouths shut.

  2. Amen to that Alex. Well said Quixy. He is a bloody idiot. I do love reading Wil Anderson's tweets he often absolutely rubbishes him. very cleverly. which reminds me come to twitter my friend!
    I love hearing your opinion because you are passionate and headstrong in what you believe and I like that!

  3. Ah, Gawd! Volumes could be written on this topic and the topic of men attempting to speak for women, in general. But he is the guy that won the office and he can't very well say, "Sorry I can't comment because I'm a man and not someone able to reproduce.". He's doing the best he can for someone with a penis...


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