Saturday, February 6, 2010

Not a Stepford Wife...

A little while ago the stylin' Diva Misty at Six Divided by Two gave me this nifty little award.

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It was inspired by Misty's friend Julie Marie's post on her blog: Idyllhours - I Refuse to be a Stepford Wife. It's okay, go look, I'll wait...

Julie Marie celebrates her individuality and her right to be herself, and Amen to that!!!

I have often ranted spoken about the need for us all, but especially women, to celebrate our differences rather than judging each other. We are all unique... we look different and don't need to conform to any stereotype of beauty, we make different decisions based on our own personal circumstances and that's okay!!!

So thank you to the lovely Misty, and here are some lovely, unique bloggers I would like to pass it on to:

Sharni at Chronicles of Sharnia

Mari-Anne at Counting Coconuts

Caitlyn at Caitlyn Nicholas

Daffy at Batcrap Crazy

And as much as I'd love to award this to pretty much every little individual on the left of the screen there, I think that's all the linking I have in me tonight.

Have a great weekend everyone!! :o)



  1. Thanks so much! It is such a nice award to get, I would hate to be a Stepford, so being the antichrist of Stepford is an honour, right back at you and how eager was I to collect this. Bloggy awards are lovely - make me happy. thanks Quixy!

  2. I agree that there is way to much girl on girl crime (I'm sorry but I can't pass up an opportunity to quote mean girls). Women need to celebrate their differences and learn from each other, not gossip about and dismiss each other.

  3. Thank you, thank you for the bloggy love! *hugs*

    This award points out exactly why I love your blog so much - you have that say it like is who gives a hoot if you disagree because this has to be said in a hilarious and (my fav.) sarcastic way so there - kind of personality. :)

  4. OH congrats on the award and congrats to the new owners as well..

  5. Once again Congrats!! You are truly deserving !! Your blog always inspires me to just that BE ME!! Keep up the great work !!

  6. Awesome! Now I am off to read those four!

  7. OH MY GOSH! That is quite possibly THE BEST award ever! (shhh....that's between you and me).

    I am so honored you chose me in your line up to pass it along to! I adore your blog and feel we would be fast friends IRL if we weren't separated by...oh...534096727893 miles (or shall I convert that to kilometers???)

    Thank you so very much. It is with much honor and gratitude that I accept!

  8. What a fun award!! You deserve it sister!! Going to check out your other choices now .....


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