Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is my cold, dark heart showing or...

... is it just me thinking that the near death-by-semi incident with our favourite stuntmaster Tony Abbott was just a little too convienient??

I can picture it now....

Abbott: "Righto Bob, we're about to meet the press to talk about road safety and how the Government is doing a shite job and they need me to keep them safe."

Bob the Driver: "Yes Mr Burns, I mean Mr Abbott".

Abbott: "Well, go ahead and get Ted the truckie on the walkie talkie, we need to co-ordinate it so he hits the skids right after all the journos fire up their cameras to catch us arriving".

Oh, it's a terrible burden being this jaded and cynical.. ;o)



  1. Don't you hate when the media insults your intelligence?

  2. OK I will have to admit I have no clue who Tony Abbott is but apparently he needed some attention. What would have sucked was if the truck had gone a little bit farther then planned, whooopsie... even the best laid plans can go terribly awry in the blink of an eye

  3. ...I don't know...I think jaded and cynical opens up a whole new humor perspective.

    OR I'm just a bit warped...

  4. The "near-miss" was the cartoon today in a Sydney paper with the caption ...

    "It was just a coincidence that Tony Abbot chose to wear the brown budgie smugglers today"

    or words to that effect.


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