Monday, February 1, 2010

Poor Jen - yeah right!!!

Our lunchroom at work has a whole stack of those completely detestable yet thoroughly addictive "trashy" magazines. You know the type, sensational headlines that turn out to be fluff pieces, a whole lot of "our" Princess Mary, and alarmingly photoshopped women showing off their post baby bodies. I have a whole lot of issues with these type of magazines, but one boiled over today.

One of these magazines favourite drums to beat is "Poor Jen".

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A little something for you boys, courtesy of GQ Magazine

Jennifer Aniston, to the uninitiated. Ever since her divorce from Brad Pitt, (who left her for Angelina Jolie, in case you've been living under a rock), someone high up in a media-funded ivory tower, decided that no matter how much success and happiness Jen enjoyed post-Brad, she would be forever tarred as a victim, forlornly pining for her Heathcliff Brad.

This came to a head today whilst listening to a couple of colleagues gossip about Poor Jen.

"I just don't understand why she can't get a decent fella."

"Nah, me either. Maybe no-one can compete with Brad".

"Yeah, but he cheated on her, he was no prize."

"Mmmmm... true."

"Maybe she's a real bitch underneath her nice image."

This went on until me head threatened to explode.

"Or maybe," I blurted, "she's perfectly happy with who she is and is loving her life, just doing her thing, and enjoying dating rather than settling for being married to any old guy!"

The response?


"Did you ever think, " I continue, "that none of us have ever actually met, spoken to or even glimpsed Jennifer Aniston in real life, and are only being told a STORY, the very definition of fiction, that someone has decided will sell magazines!"

Apparently not, it seems.



  1. ahhhh the media, a favourite subject of mine - the people that buy into these kind of stories are the same ones who buy into everything else the media is selling!!! I am the biggest cynic about all things hollywoody. I don't believe any of the marriages are real - everything is for show. and I reckon Jen is probably having a lovely time! Good post!

  2. I just don't get the fascination with it all. I mean to sit and have a full fledge conversation about someone you don't know, and presume to know why they do what they do? Think about the level of retardedness....

  3. My mother and Aunt used to be the world's worst for the rag mag's. They had annual subscriptions to them for crying out loud so every week I heard the latest gossip of the papers. Which of course turned out to be semi true ( as in they got the name right). They drive me BATTY

  4. I've never understood the fascination with celebrities. Blech.

    And right on with everything you said!

  5. Good for you!

    I can't remember the last time I picked up one of those trash mags...

    I really do not understand the fascination.

  6. It drives me nuts too - a bloke of Jen's age in the same situation would be applauded for playing the field and having a good time. She's just labelled desperate. Grrr!

  7. Oh, I KNOW! And you know, every time I have seen her on talk shows she has seemed very happy and actually carefree. I believe she actually wished them, (the ex and his new woman), well. She seems quite content.

  8. I hate the fascination magazines think we should have with celebrities. There is something wrong with a world where if there isn't enough juicy gossip then just make something up.

  9. Ok if I looked like that naked nothing could bring me down. I'd just walk around naked all day and be happy. Seriously. I'd burn all my clothes and show up on the red carpet ass naked.

  10. Oh exactly! I reckon she'd be great to know. If you're gullible enough to assume everything you read (and see) in mags is real, then you deserve to have an Acme anvil dropped on your head.

  11. As always spoken in true nature!!! Hey, I have given you an award ..please stop by to pick it up

  12. Ha ha, I bet your broke your work colleagues head with that. Go girl. I hate those magazines they are packaged trash.


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