Sunday, February 14, 2010

More ads that annoy me...

So after my little rant about Meadow Lea the other day, I have decided to share some other ads currently making me grind my teeth.

Apologies to anyone outside mainland Australia, but hey, just play some elevator musak and play along...

Allie from In a Beautiful Pea Green Boat mentioned a great one in her comment last week. It's an ad for baby formula - I think it's for Wyeth's S26 formula, but I can't be sure, and my cursory internet search failed to yield a result, so I give up! It starts of with a paediatrican (we know this because her name and quals are shown at the bottom of the screen) in a hospital hallway talking about how because of her job, she knows how important it is to provide the best nutrition to young babies... then she lovingly pats a baby on the head and strolls off... the baby's mother (we know this because her name and the title Mother are shown at the bottom of the screen) then continues talking about that's why she choose this particular formula. This ad gets to me because it makes it seem that the paed has recommended the formula. This is not so. The Mum does. Certainly there is an implied endorsement by the Doctor simply by being in the ad, but it's all just a little too "sleight-of-hand" for me.

Then there are the ads that aren't necessarily dodgy, just annoying...

First is the MBF Health Insurance ad that runs along the lines of "You need health insurance because somebody waxed the floor without telling you" and shows a guy sulking in a hospital bed in traction, while a girl smiles sheepishly at him and lavishes apologies on him... it just makes me feel like saying, "Oh crack the freaking sads then! D'ya need me to let you know when I've cleaned the windows too, so you don't stick your head straight through them you great clodding, clumsy prick!!! Geez... be glad you have someone willing to clean up after your filth in the first place!" But maybe that's just me...

Then there is pretty much anything advertising a "beauty" product. I'm sorry, but if you expect me to believe that you and you alone have discovered a new enzyme, protein or Martian lizard poo that will lift sagging skin, erase wrinkles like an iron and magically turn me into a vision of youthful loveliness despite my lack of sleep, busy life and complete disregard for sun protection, then you are as deluded as the poor saps who buy it.

Oh, and don't get me started on those "shouty" ads...



  1. My wife would fall for ads on TV. "But it was on TV"
    I finally convinced her that that is why it is not true.
    "Honey, it's an ad on TV. It's not true."

    Not that all ads on TV are lies, but.....

  2. Ads are the primary reason I don't watch TV at all. I'll make up my own mind about what I need and want, thank you very much!

  3. Exactly why I only watch pay TV and listen to the ABC. I rarely get to do either these days, so don't want my precious viewing/listening time taken up with ads. I have to say that when I did watch a lot of telly I had the ability to completely tune out ads! Which is actually isn't good, as a lot of my family and good friends work in advertising! I also trained to do voice over work.

  4. It's good to know the MBF ad annoys the hell out of someone else. I feel like slapping that guy. Clean your own floor next time!

  5. Haha!!! You are so much like me....I think exactly the same way about the ads. Just like the formula ad is the Sultana Bran ad which says "research shows a healthy breakfast like Sultana Bran...." which makes people think it's Sultana Bran that is effective when in fact, the research is about having brekky in general! Those Paul's warehouse ads drive me up the wall!!!! I feel like throwing something at the person. And beauty products...pfft!

  6. Couldn't agree with you MORE! I'm so tired of those ads and their empty promises! Preach on!!

    And, have a great week!


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