Sunday, January 3, 2010

No nudes is good nudes.

So Jennifer Hawkins has posed for Marie Claire magazine. Nude. Un-retouched (apparently).

Well, good for her, if I looked like her, I'd probably do the kindy run naked, proud as I would be of my kick'n bod!

And I like that she, along with Sarah Murdoch, have opted to highlight how much photoshopping and editing goes into the photos you normally see in a magazine. Even the women in the photos don't look like that in real life, so how the heck are we expected to??

I have an issue, however, at the statement that she has done this photoshoot for a charity that helps sufferers of eating disorders, and to "encourage positive self image in women". Umm, excuse me, but seeing this...

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... does not make me feel ace about my body. It does not give me a positive self-image. In fact, it makes me want to run to the bathroom and throw up everything I've eaten today (or this week). It also, paradoxically, makes me think all hope is lost, and I may as well go eat everything in the fridge.

Thanks Jen.



  1. Haha!!! That's exactly what I thought! I feel worse about my body seeing her nude! I mean...what about having average sized Aussie women who are not photo-shopped?? Someone who is a size 12-14? Now that would be helpful in terms of promoting healthy body image for young girls.

  2. I'm (unsurprisingly) with you on this one too. She is gorgeous but surely part of a very, very small group of women who look this good naked regardless of size. At least it does highlight the disgusting amount of photo-shopping that does occur....even if it does want to make me hurl/die of jealousy! I love what Mia Freedman says about all of this body image stuff in both her book and blog too.

  3. Shouldn't I receive some royalties from them using the image of my body with that girl's head???

  4. Oh gawd I thought exactly the same thing. Seeing Jen in the buff just made me feel soooo good about myself!!!

  5. Was going to do a post on this very topic. Agreed. I wholeheartedly appladu her for doing it without photoshopping etc (OMG did you SEE that 'crease' at her waist??? And the uneven skin colouring?! As reported in the paper here. The horror of it all....) Hmmm, no, I'm with you, seeing Jen naked does not make me feel positive about my jelly caeser bits or stretch marks that I gained from puberty as well as pregnancy. Nice try, but, umm, she is not a normal woman. Gorgeous yes, but not really a role model for me.

  6. Yeah. Color me unimpressed with her untouchedup shots. Considering that all I would want is a large eraser for my touch ups. ;-)

  7. couldn't remember if I commented on this or not. But I should have. I agree. What a load of crap that Jen is helping promote positive body image - by showing the world she has a little scar or something so pathetic. Kill me now. How does that help anyone? We have bigger fish to fry than having her nudity as news!


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