Thursday, January 7, 2010

Guest Blogger

Well, the votes are in! As per my previous post, it looks like today I will abdicate my position (sitting on my butt, tapping away on laptop) and give Scout the Loyal Hound his 15 minutes of fame. Thanks for all your comments and bloggy-love. Enjoy!

P.S: I know this is late, but eh, I've had a house full of people to feed and entertain.

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Hello! I'm Scout, often referred to as Good Boy, and I live here with Boss Lady, Big Guy and Little One. I grew up with them and my brother, Boston...

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... but after he was attacked by a Bad Dog, he was a very nervous boy, and sometimes attacked other dogs. Boss Lady and Big Guy tried hard, but Boston wasn't suited for family life, so they found Nice Guy, who gave Boston a home with no Little Ones, lots of room to run on his own, and a friend for life. I don't miss him too much, because Boss Lady made a big effort to make me a big part of the family. Plus I have Little One, I was only 6mths old when she came to us, so we have grown up together (but I think I'm more mature).

I know a lot of you are wondering how a dog can talk. Well, anyone who's ever known a Really Good Dog, will know how they can Mind Meld with humans, and understand what you are thinking. We know when you are happy, sad or scared, and we are especially good at knowing when you are thinking about making dinner. Sometimes, humans can even understand us!!! When I was a Puppy, Boss Lady thought I sounded a lot like Scooby Doo, but now that I am a Big Boy, she says I remind her of the Wise One from the movie Homeward Bound. He was voiced by Don Ameche. I don't know what a movie is, but anything with a Home in it must be good.

My main job here is to look after Little One. She is lots of fun, but sometimes not so gentle. I know this is because she is only a Human Pup, and so I smile when she runs up and cannonballs into me, throwing her arms around my neck. When we go to the park, I make sure to be between Little One and any other dogs we might meet, until I have decided they are Good Dogs, and may say Hello to her. Boss Lady is always right there, but it's my job to look after her to.

My favourite thing to do is go to the Park, I have lots of friends there and nearly every Person I say hello to says I am Gorgeous. I say No, I'm Scout, but they can't hear me like Boss Lady can. I love to run free through Wide Open Spaces, but when Boss Lady whistles, I scoot right back to her. I also love to swim. Our park has a stream in it, and when I'm allowed, I love to splash and play in it. For some reason though, I'm not always allowed Inside after a swim.

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As part of my job here, I have been given Lessons to teach my People. Boss Lady says she is so glad I came into her life. She is learning her Lessons well. So far I have taught her to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life, Have Fun, to Live Instinctually and Not Think So Much (she sometimes has trouble with this) and to Be True. I have more Lessons for her, but not until she's ready.

Thanks for Talking with me, I need to go Chase the Birds Away from Boss Lady's Vegie Patch now, and then she says her feet are cold, so I will lay my head on them to keep them warm. I like to do this, becuase she rubs my ears with her toe and it feels So Good.

Licks and Cookies,




  1. Love it!

    I just awarded you an award. Check it out -

  2. Hi Scouty!! Great to hear from you!! You do a great job of looking after GG and it's nice to know Boss Lady doesn't take you for granted!!

  3. Nice one! I've often wondered what my dog would blog about :o)

  4. Hi there! Dropping by from SITS to say, "Hello"! I hope you have a fabulous day! Best wishes for the new year.

    Kindest regards,

  5. Good boy Scout. Great post about lessons and the small important stuff.

  6. Awwww how sweet. I love it. My dogs talks to me too. Actually he is my grandpuppy Kingston. He tells me quite a bit.

  7. Licks and cookies....

    All of my dogs talk. And believe it or not, occassionally when hubs is feeling especially sentimental our dobe talks from the grave....well...her ashbox...on the mantel...same difference, right?

    Love the photos and guest posting!


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