Tuesday, January 5, 2010


So... I got nuthin.

I'm sitting here all prepped and ready to post, GG is asleep, Hubby is still on his way home from work, so I have peace and quiet... but no inspiration. Whatsoever.

Oh sure, I have a few half-baked ideas, but nothing to flesh them out with. Me!! The chick who can prattle on about anything. Me!! The chick who holds conversations with herself, imaginary interviewers and inanimate kitchen applicances. Me!! The chick who gives a voice to her dog, just so that he can prattle on to people too.

Tell you what, I love this blogging caper, I really do. I can even talk about how I have nothing to talk about!! Oh, and I don't know if you noticed (flicks hair), but I have gained quite a few new followers in the last couple of weeks! This is a total thrill for me, every time I see a new follower, and do a little Squee!!! of excitment, clap my hands like a two-year old and click to check them out. I love each and every one of them. I am often tempted to do one of those, "Oh, when I get 50 followers I'll give away some prizes" gigs, but hmmm.... I kind of want my followers to find me on their own, and choose to follow me 'cos I'm awesome (obviously) and not in the hope of nabbing a bookstore voucher. But I'm totally not ruling it out, I really love my little posse, and want a big, big one!!!

Comments! Oh, how I love comments. I have a voracious appetite for those little nuggets of validation, support and blog-love. Ahh......

Anyhoo, I have wasted enough cyper-space with pointless drivel, I shall take my leave and go prep my house in anticipation of my in-laws and brother-in-law coming to visit tomorrow. For three days. We only have one spare bed. Hmmm... maybe I just figured out why my brain has shut down.

Oh hey! Just jumped back into this post, to add a great idea I just had. Given my limitless appetite for comments, and my current writers block, why don't I combine the two? You, yes you, leave a comment with a post topic, crazy, politically-incorrect or weird as you like. Then I'll pick the best one (or the one you all comment to say you like) and wax lyrical, on command! Awesome!! Umm. timing, right... you have 24 hours, then I'm choosing a topic.

Have fun!!!



  1. Hey, I got nothing too, most disappointing when I have time to blog, and...nuffin. So trolling for new blogs and updating myself on posts as they come up...like yours just now.

    What about a post about your most emabarrassing moment?? Other than that, well I still got nought.

    Great post about nuthin though, managed to flesh it out nicely!

  2. You sure say a lot with a blank mind. Wish I could do that. It was all very interesting too.
    Topic Idea - people you hate. e.g. those who take handicapped spots and aren't handicapped, line cutters, the 'entitled', etc.

  3. I like comments too. And followers. Perhaps we should do the BFF girlie squeal together? But, I lost a follower yesterday. I was sad. *Sniff*

  4. I've had writers block for a couple of days, myself. Not to mention, I haven't really had much time.

    I'm with Alliecat on this one. Most embarrassing moment. But, spice it up a bit. lol

  5. How about "a day in the life of my purse" aka "what I spent money on today". Maybe it's the voyeur in me, but I enjoy reading the day to day details of people's lives!

  6. Comments totally rock my world too! And I even love personally responding to each one. So....ahem...would ya fix yer noreplycomment@blogger thangie so I can reply to the comments you leave ME? Thx xoxoxo

    We totally give voice to our dogs too! I think it shows how diversified we can be. It's not lunacy or dimentia or anything....very normal rational behavior for those with exquisitly multi-dimentional congative processes. Don't you agree?

  7. you give a voice to your dog eh? Well let him write a blog post... gooo on

  8. Elton John's impact on climate change. Discuss.
    Can be done in your dog's voice for kicks.

  9. Nah, got nuthin here. :)

  10. Totally let the dog do a guest post for the day.

    My mind is so blank, I have tumbleweeds rolling between my ears.


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