Saturday, June 12, 2010

You know you're a Mama if...

... even when talking to only adults, you still spell out the risqué words, like "B-R-A" and "L-O-L-L-I-E-S"?

... you couldn’t recommend a five-star restaurant to save your life, but know the exact location of every parents room and playground in a 10 kilometre radius.

... when fossicking about in your bag for your purse, you have pulled out a dummy/pair of kids undies/pointy plastic toy/desiccated snack food.

... you have ever wondered what the nutritional value of a dead leaf was.

... sleep is a distant memory.

... you find yourself still watching Play School, even though your children have wandered off to play.

... when quizzed, you can name the entire cast of your child’s favourite cartoon show.

... you can remember every major illness your children ever had, and when they had it, but can’t remember your husband’s mobile number.

... you have ever uttered the words, “Because I said so”, or “Well, why didn’t you go before we left?”

... you know what it is like to have your heart walk outside your body.



  1. Oh I love this! My heart is always walking outside of my body - every single day.

    (and I often find myself watching ABC2 long after the small has gone onto other things)

  2. Oh be still my beating heart.

    Do you know my girl ran around the Kmart lingerie section grabbing bras and shouting "I love these boobies mummy!". So proud.

    And I have watched so much Nick Jnr when the ids aren't even in the room it's scary. Me & Dora are like...oh please kill me...


  3. Kids not ids...let's not get all Freud here.

  4. Boy if these aren't truer than true!

    I also find myself humming songs from NickJr all day long. Couldn't tell ya a dang thing that plays on the radio currently but I sure can sing you all the songs from KiLan and yo Gabba Gabba!

  5. Another one is that you can use the words "poo" and "wee" and "wipe" several times in one hour, to a number of different [little] people.

  6. ...if you wake up singing a song from a kid's cartoon.
    ...if you are asked what something means and really can't answer it. (boy does that one leave me feeling dumb...)

    And the "... you know what it is like to have your heart walk outside your body." one is SO INCREDIBLY TRUE!!!!


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