Thursday, June 17, 2010

Competition Time!!!

I know, I'm excited too!!! For the first time ever, I am offering a give-away here at Quixotic Life!!

The good folks at have contacted me and offered up a $60 voucher, to spend on any item on their site. That's the whole site, folks: kitchenware, furniture, kid's toys, rugs, manchester and lighting!!! You do have to live in Australia however, or be willing to fly here to pick up your prize and ship it home!!

Head on over now and check them out, they do actually have great stuff. I did briefly wonder how this fits in with my whole "ethical consumer" stance, but then I advised myself to stop being so Serious Sally and give my readers some goodies!! It's not like I'm the one doing the buying, yeah?

So, what do you have to do? Well it's easy. If you're not already, become a follower. Then, leave a comment below describing the one thing that children (probably your own, but anyone's count!) have taught you that you didn't expect to find out.

Then cross your fingers and wait til Monday, when the winner will be chosen by one of those random number generator thingies, and announced!! Ta-da!!

Good luck!



  1. OK, I SO don't live in Australia, but, mostly I have learned that my kids are SO much better behaved than ANYONE else's.
    Doesn't everyone feel that way about their kids? ;-)

  2. When my kids were younger I felt the same way as HalfAsstic. But now they're teenagers and all bets are off.

    I learned a whole bunch of new words like "butt burp" (fart). And of course the rest have eluded me, but we use several of the kids made up words in daily conversation.

  3. Having children has taught me many things, but the one that stands out is to never say, "My kids would never do that"!

  4. Having a child has taught me how little I know about the true meaning of'life' and that children in their freshness and newness have so much more to teach us than we could ever teach them.

  5. Having my son has taught me that even though so much is out of my control and that a lot of this is trial and error, when I look into his eyes I know that this is going to be the best time of my life.

  6. I've learnt that you can't leave a non-toilet trained child without a nappy, not even for a second, especially if there is water running.

  7. Having children has taught me that planning is everything for success! Planning to leave 20 minutes earlier means I am rarely late and allows for last minute vomits, poos and must have toy searches. Planning lots of snacks and rest breaks on shopping trips, car trips and visiting people means less complaints and more time to do what I want to do whilst keeping them happy. And mostly they have taught me that not everything always goes to plan, and yet they still love me anyway. What can be better than that?!

  8. Having my little man has taught me a ridiculous amount but mostly, that my Mum is even more amazing than I knew before cos she loved and raised us on her own and in very frugal circumstances and that there is nothing at all like the protective love that a Mum has.

  9. Having kids has shown me the beauty of unconditional love. No matter what I look like (after a rough night!), the mistakes I've made or things I've done wrong, my children love ME! And I, in return, love every aspect of their innocence, intruige and honesty.


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