Friday, June 18, 2010

I have so many issues with this.

Fellow Gold Coaster Jesinta Campbell has just been crowned Miss Universe Australia 2010.

I kind of have an issue with the whole Miss Universe thing anyway. Firstly, why is it always an Earthling who wins? Rigged much?

Then of course there is the whole judging women based on their looks issue. Now, now I know it claims to also rate them according to their poise and ability to promote World Peace or whatever it is Miss Universe is supposed to do. If this is truly the case, please see below:

Now, watch this clip of Jesinta completely fluffing her answer during the "interview" section:

And the winner is??

Of course! The beautiful girl who can't string a sentence together!

Okay, that was a bit nasty, yes she did completely stuff up, and even when she kind of pulled herself together and give an answer, sun protection (a very important issue for all Australians) became skin care (a very important thing for beauty industry advertising) and her message lost all it's power. She did however, show some sort of grace in realising she had stuffed up and when she first seizes up and looks plaintively out at the audience, you do kind of think, "Oh, bless her little cotton socks, poor dear."

Given that this pagent wasn't televised, I don't know how well or otherwise the other girls did in their interview section, but given that they are all stunningly gorgeous and know how to work a swimwear and high-heels combo, are the Miss Universe Australia people sure they couldn't have picked a girl who actually managed to speak coherently?

Ah well, all the best Jesinta. However much I detest beauty pagents, I'll be happy for you if you win.


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  1. Yes, that was my thinking when she went for the line 'skin care' after talking about skin protection and I immediately thought, who's her sponsor?!

  2. Skin Care, World Peace. It's all good.

    (It wasn't televised??)

  3. I thought they were all brainwashed into saying they wanted world peace? She may not know how to voice it, but at least she said something different!

  4. Yikes! Almost as bad as the American hopefuls!

    Now, go visit my blog and pick up your award. ;)

  5. Congratulations Jecinta!! Jecinta is a lovely person, she was the school captain one year above my daughter, she is only 18. I feel so proud when a fellow Gold Coaster achieves their dreams and goals in life. Go Gold Coasters!!!


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