Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poor Me Post

Sorry I have been absent folks, I thought I was battling a headcold, but it turns out I have another problem - an infected wisdom tooth. It had been aching for a few days, but I thought it would just pop through liek the others... not so. After waking up last night in AGONY, thawing half a freezers worth of frozen veggies etc. on the side of my face whilst finally agreeing that the nausea and loopiness that codine gives me was worth it and spending the night lying awake in misery trying to figure out how I can rip my jaw out of my head, I did what all modern, independent women do... I called my Mum and asked her to take me to where they keep the drugs. Hubby and child headed off to a friends birthday lunch in Brisbane and we were off to the dentist.

Turns out I have a very infected and possibly impacted wisdom tooth. Pericoron-something-itis. Did I mention codine makes me loopy?

So I am whisked off for an x-ray so they can see the lay of the land in my jaw and rip the sucker out. At th elast minute before I get under the x-ray machine thingy, I think to say, "Oh, there's a slight chance I could be pregnant". Yep, secret's out, we've been trying for a little while, but had some issues with weird cycles etc. I think we missed out window this month, but not entirely sure. I almost wish I'd not siad anything. No I don't. Well, maybe.

Turns out, no x-ray with a chance of pregancy. And no extraction without an x-ray, they need to see where the nerves or something imprtant-sounding are.

So, for the first time all year, I am now hoping that I'm NOT pregnant, and hoping that the anti-biotics they gave me kick in quick. Otherwise, I can't have my tooth out for 9 months!!! Arrrghh!

Oh, and just to amke sure I'm truly miserable, I still have rampant sinusitis and pressure headaches from that. Cause you know, I don't do things by halves!

OK, enough self-pity, I'm going to lay down. Peace out everyone.



  1. Be sure to eat yogurt with your antibiotics to avoid a nasty yeast infection. On the plus side, maybe the antibiotics will help your raging sinus infection.

    Being the veteran of many an infected tooth, I feel your pain.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hold the phone. I had a tooth yanked while I was pregnant. Totally can be done. But no fun drugs. They make me sick (not just loopy, but throw up sick) anyway.

    Good luck!!!

  3. A Big Warm Cyber Hug and Pat on the back ...

    Thinking of you and hope it all settles down real quick for you.

  4. Oh Quix - I had a wisdom out this year. I hope you are not pregnant and can get it out, and then in celebration afterwards fall pregnant!! xx

  5. sorry this is crass but has to be said - after i wrote that word verification was "rootin" ahahahahahahah it's a sign!!

  6. Please, don't tell me about toothaches...I've been suffering all my life...dentists are my best friends...Hope everything ends well and you'll have your tooth pulled out in no time and then you'll get preggo and your daughter will have a brother (or sister) to play with.

  7. Ugggh, sounds truly awful. I had a similar experience recently, was all ready to go in for an operation - gown on and everything - and then they cancelled the whole thing because there was a tiny, miniscule chance I could be pregnant. It's annoying.. but necessary....

    Hope you feel better soon.


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