Thursday, November 26, 2009

Stressed Mum or Serial Killer??

I just did something I have NEVER done before. I just picked up a hitchiker.

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Someone pick my mother up off the floor would you and I'll explain.

I was just down the road from our little local shops, and I saw a woman and her young daughter standing beside a car with bags of groceries at their feet and looking a bit desperate.

I actually just pulled over to see if they needed a phone to call RACQ or similar, but when I spoke to the woman, she was desperate to get home (she named a road 10 mins away) before her son got home from school on the bus.

So I did a quick mental run through of my likelihood of ending up in a shallow bush grave versus good karma points for helping out a Mum in need. Karma won.I'm usually a pretty good judge of character, and I'm also pretty intuitive, and a little voice was telling me to help this woman. It reminded me of someone once telling me that they believed God is not a big booming voice in the sky, He is that little quiet voice in your head. So I said a quick prayer of "I hope I'm right" and told them to hop in. Hey, I even had a car seat for her daughter, I must've been sent to them, right??? Right???

The woman was SOOO appreciative, I actually felt a little uncomfortable, but glad I had helped. Her daughter was hot and bothered initially, but calmed down in the cool car and said a very cute and polite "Thank you for 'elping us". I was even more glad I had helped when we got to her driveway, which was in a fairly rural area, big blocks with no houses visible from the street, and her son, about 7, was standing there in tears and looking quite scared. Apparently he had just got off the bus, and when she wasn't at the gate, walked up to the house to find her not home, so he had come back down to wait for her. A little thrill of fear went through me when I thought about who could have come along before we did. I'm sure it was more than that for her...

I wonder if this makes me an angel now, (insert Blue's Brothers voiceover here) "on a mission from God"??? I doubt it, but I am sure glad I listened to my little voice...



  1. I often have to walk 30 minutes to my field site (often on a hot day) and I wish I was brave enough to is on a road to and from a golf course/small national park/coast...and hitchiking would mean 5 minute journey instead of 30 minute journey...but I am scared of being injured/abducted...good on you for being so nice :)

  2. Good on you. Imagine if you were in that same situation.

    I was driving my son to soccer one morning and saw a lady next to a broken down car with her her little boy looking distraught in his soccer uniform. I stopped the car and offered to help. Seems the boys were playing soccer at the same place and she let me take her son to soccer while she waited for RACQ.

    Sometimes you have to have a little faith that all people aren't psychos.

  3. You certainly earnt some brownie points for that. Good karma is coming your way! Beautifully written too.

  4. Good on you. I am a believer in the little voice too

  5. Good karma for you. Yes my heart would have lurched at seeing the son all alone waiting while vulnerable to any weirdos passing by. Well done.

  6. Good on you! I doubt I'd ever be that brave...
    And yes, you're definitely having good karma coming your way...

  7. Actually, rather than have to be picked up from the floor, I'm very proud of you. I did the same thing one day to a lady walking along the road with two hot, tired little kids. Usually serial killers don't carry kids around with never know what the kids will say at 'show & tell'. And I'd like to think that someone would help you or me if we are stuck somewhere. 99.9% of the population are good guys!!( least most of them!!)

  8. Truly you are blessed. I do not condone picking up hitch hikers but I can see why the exception was made. (For future reference- I carry mace. You should

  9. You're brave! But it sounds like good judgement, and definitely helped out a mom in need. :-)
    ~Honey Bee


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