Thursday, July 22, 2010

Are you a Rocker or a Roller?

There are a million different "types" of people and personalities out there (or 16 if you ask Myers-Briggs) but for me, they all boil down to two main aspects. When faced with a challenge, or something new, people either react positively, or negatively.

Some people react like a rock, refusing to budge in their ways and their thinking, staying obstinately in one place and letting life bash away at them until they are eroded away.

Others prefer to roll with it; they go with life's flow and adapt to changing situations.

There are some things that are worth refusing to budge on of course; you shouldn't compromise or change your core principles just because they are hard to stick to. But in my experience, Rockers tend to view everything negatively, fearfully and with suspicion.

Rollers tend to be more positive in general, sometimes naively so, but view the world with enthusiasm and relish new things.

I seem to have come upon a lot of Rockers lately, and find myself very drained by them. I have quite a bit on my plate at the moment, and don't have the energy to expend on fighting off their bad ju-ju. It has gotten to me a little of late, and I've fallen in the trap of thinking negatively, expecting the worst.

I have learnt through bitter experience how poisionous negativity can be; how it can lead to depression, anger and hopelessness. So I am not going to let it take hold. I am going to continue to enjoying the work I'm doing, it's not all beer and skittles, but I do feel like I am helping people, and enjoying the human aspect of it. I refuse to be sucked into bitching and moaning about things. As Alice Grist writes via her post on Sharnanigans, life could be a lot worse, I could be buried in sand up to my neck, being stoned to death.

I'm not going to moan about how I miss time with GG, instead, I am going to be grateful I have a lovely, healthy, clever, happy and adaptable child to snuggle up with and breathe in her delicious smell. I'm going to be appreciative of my wonderful husband, who works so hard at two jobs and look forward to the time very soon we can spend more time together, proud of how hard we have worked for our family.



  1. I think I am a rock and roller (no pun intended). I tend to do both.

  2. I also think that there are no one siders. You can certainly lean towards one side over the other (I'm more roller than rock) but that's my opinion.

    I'm lately, trying to abolish as much rock as I have left in me though. It's bringing me down!

  3. Preaching to the choir sister!!!

    I've been bombarded with Rockers lately and I feel them sucking the life force right out of me!

    Roll with it baby!!!

  4. I am a roller, stuck in a house full of rockers!

    Are you still working? Husband has been at me to go back to work and I'm surprised at how much I hate the idea of leaving the babies.

  5. Stay rolling quixy - I could imagine that prospect becomes harder once returning to the full-time work place - they are full of rockers. Stay strong! You are so much more than a rock!
    Oh I am a roller :-)


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