Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not really the message we're looking for, folks.

So we're all aware that Tony Abbott has trouble winning women voters over, yes?

So are the Today Show apparently. During their show this morning, they decided to go out into the world and interview women on their opinion of Abbott. Great idea.

What was not a great idea however, was their choice of venue. A hairdressers salon.

Really?! How patronising! Like that's the only place women go during the day... once they've finished all the housework of course.

How about go to a hospital, and interview the female Doctors, nurses and staff there. I'm sure they'd have great opinions, given Abbott's previous role as Minister for Health. For that matter, ask the patients, still dealing with the problems he left behind.

Or what about go into the business district, and interview women on their lunch break. Oh that's right, they're too busy grabbing 10 minutes to eat something before rushing back to work so they can earn less than their male counterparts before rushing home to get dinner and run the kids to basketball practice.



  1. I am so lost with who to vote for. I am so disappointed with both candidates....Australia's best are these two morons? Sad....

  2. Really. As a Mummy of two GG's under 2yo when do you suppose the last time I was in a hair dressers? It's been so long my hubby has a pony tail now.

  3. What can you expect from the Today Show? Or maybe they thought they'd get Abbott supporters at the hairdresser's...because isn't that his somewhat his view of women? ;)


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