Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Kitchen May Be Bi-Polar

Actually, my entire house is probably schizophrenic, given the mish-mash state it lives in now. The joys of juggling working outside and inside the home.

This morning I had one of those moments when one minute you're simply swiping off some crumbs from the toaster, the next your pulling apart that whole corner of the kitchen and scrubbing everything within an inch of it's life. I lifted up the toaster, and could've crumbed a bronto-burger with what was under there! And I swear I found intelligent life in the back corner...

Anymould, as usual the job needing to be done far outweighed the time I had to do it in, so I settled for a having half a clean kitchen and ran out the door.

On my return home, I marched into the kitchen ready to tackle the other bench... and.... made a cup of tea and fired up the laptop instead!!! Hey people, I said I found balance, not turned into Martha cold-dead-heart Stewart!

So, for your voyeristic pleasure...

Ah, order, peace and serenity...

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Oh, good God, make it go away!

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Ah well, maybe I'll get a burst of energy to tackle the rest shortly. Once I've put out the last load of laundry, put away yesterdays two loads, tidied the playroom, done the ironing, swept and mopped the floors and cleaned the bathrooms of course. Yeah, that'll happen.



  1. As I put all the kids crap back in the toybox & vacuumed the floor for seriously the 3rd time today, nobody appreciated it less than the very 2 kids I was trying to keep from living in a crap pile, so they sat & screamed at me while I vacuumed.
    Cleaning the house is the most friggin overrated underappreciated job in the world. Why bother?!!!!
    Anyway, we're still one up on Martha, we've never been in prison!

  2. Yes I can relate to that! But sadly from the loungeroom I can see the kitchen so it's like a demanding child screaming 'clean me'!! Argh.. at least you can't SEE that stuff hidden in the corner :P

  3. Wow..even in your "messy" state, it's still tidier than mine :)

  4. Aw, don't tell me about it!
    Usually, by the time I reach the kitchen, after cleaning the whole house, I am so bummed I couldn't care less,and just leave it in its state of filth.

  5. I find if I can stay on top of the kitchen counter the rest of the house somehow seems cleaner....even if it's not.

    Uggghhh do we have to talk about laundry?

  6. When I get down to no counter space to put any more down on, then I do the dishwasher thing. And, maybe do some wiping..........

    I never really completely catch up.

  7. My kitchen is bi-polar too. More accurately my fridge. Half of it is sparkly clean and organized while the other half is full of left overs in tupperwares and 3 bags of half empty flour. Do they make zoloft for kitchens?

  8. A cluttered kitchen (mine, not anyone else's) gives me anxiety. Its probably the one place in the house that is rarely cluttered.

    Weird, I know....

  9. Martha-cold-dead-heart-Steward cracked me right up!

    Seriously, I like cleaning. Organizing and throwing shit away makes me so happy.

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  11. Get a flame gun and you only have to deal with the mess once.


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