Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Balancing Act

So you've probably noticed that I've not been posting as much.

Part of this is because I've been busy, but hey! Mums are always busy and it didn't stop me in the early days of my blog-addiction from getting out of bed at 1 in the morning after I'd just had an awesome idea for a post and didn't want to forget it. Yes, that actually happened... I'm not sure if I'm proud or ashamed of that... hmm...

Part of it is because I have been suffering from a distinct lack of inspiration and a significant dearth of post topics. Hmm.. could it be that I have finally got everything of my chest?? Heavens no, I'm much more opinionated than that - something is bound to piss me off soon, and I'll race to the laptop to frantically pound on the keyboard til the bad feelings go away.

I think mostly though, I have found (gulp) balance. That elusive middle ground that exists in between the very addictive nature I have, which had me gleefully grabbing the laptop the very second GG had gone to sleep or was otherwise occupied, and the guilt I used to feel when I ignored things that needed doing around the house, or even convinced GG to play by herself or watch a DVD so I could get that post that was scratching the inside of my head out there.

I have recently gone from two days a week to three at work, and am really noticing the difference. So is my house. I have a lovely little vegetable garden, which used to give me so much satisfaction when I would bring in my home-grown organic food to feed my family, but my last harvest was a couple of months ago, and I am yet to re-plant anything. This is partly because of the scorching summer we have just had, and partly because everything needs to be pulled out, turned over, re-planted and re-mulched, and it's kind of a daunting job.

I have also noticed that even though I am away from my Gorgeous Gal an extra day, on the days I am home, I am much more engaged, and more likely to be found sitting on the floor playing. I know she still has me four days week, and of course every morning and night-time, but sometimes I really feel like I’m not getting much time with her, and so I find it easier to be patient and calm, as well as fun and playful, and just drink in the time we have together, just us.

So now the pull of the blog-o-sphere isn't so strong; GG is getting more quality time, I will eventually sort out both my garden and the laundry pile and balance has been restored to my universe. Looks like the only person missing out is... you, dear reader.



  1. It sounds all good! I think my manic times have slowed in blogworld also.

    Our quality time outside of school is being absorbed by homework and assignments unfortunately.

  2. I think we should be the ones to miss out lets face it! Good for you in getting the balance to a place where it's working for you. That balance thing is ridiculously hard to get right. I'm struggling myself and when you make that admission it makes me feel better to make the disconnect between the real and the virtual worlds. Yay for you!


  3. I hear you, something's gotta give, and lately it has been the blog for me too. Never worry, it will always be here when you need to vent at any time! Good on you for being able to find some balance...

  4. I don't mind missing out though when I know its because you are on the floor playing with My Little Ponies or chasing each other around the house...in and out of sunbeams....

    THOSE are the days....

  5. This balance sounds like a very good thing. ;)

  6. I know *just* what you're talking about including the bit about your garden (mine is non-existent at the moment). Finding balance is sooo important. Glad you've found it. Breathe deeply and enjoy. :)

  7. Ah glad to hear, I struggle with finding the balance, but I know I'll get there. Blogging is wonderful and it helps clear the head and have epiphanies - maybe once you have had enough of these the pull isn't as strong - and you can then blog for fun, not for the 1am neeeeed! Fabo to hear you have more time actually engaging with GG.

  8. Balance is the key to so many things isnt it? And life certainly can (and should) get in the way of blogging sometimes. Love the post.

  9. the kid comes first. good for you. we'll catch you later.

  10. It's great the GG gets the best of your time.

  11. That's why my blog has been neglected lately too!
    Somehow the balance at my home has shifted here too (must be the universe re-aligning). I'm spending my days enjoying my two little girls at home, going to the beach (GO AWAY RAIN) and using any computer time I have for work.

    Great thing is, my brain has stopped putting all my thoughts and dreams into blog posts! Ha ha.

  12. Balance is definitely the key. And I really don't mind seeing you less often if it means that you're playing with GG.

    My daughter has recently joined me in the blogging thing, with her own weekly feature, and it's been fun. We're both always on the lookout for things that she says or does unconsciously to blog about. We've definitely gotten closer since she's begun to show an interest in my blog. Since I've either had my nose in a book reading or a pen in my hand, writing, her whole life, I think the computer was a natural transition.

  13. Nice :). I'm trying for that balance too (though cold turkeying it on the whole cyber space thing for a couple of weeks I'm loving finding other blogs in the interim, so whala, here I am :)). Definately enjoying having fewer hours with my head deep in cyberspace....


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