Sunday, January 24, 2010

George Clooney has the right idea!

Why does everyone assume there is something wrong with George Clooney, simply because he remains a bachelor?

What? D’you think he sat down one day and said, “Well now, I’m gorgeous, intelligent, successful, famous, talented and principled, how can I make it look like I truly am miserable?”

“I know! I’ll date a string of beautiful women, and when it all gets real and hard and complicated, instead of buckling under the pressure and marrying her so she can bitch at me for a few years until I divorce her and give her half my millions, I’ll send the lass packing (with a suitcase full of very expensive presents no doubt), retire to my luxurious mansion on Lake Como, tool around on my motorcycle, swim in my money Scrooge McDuck style, call my mate Brad and listen to him bitch that he’s married to the world’s most beautiful woman who is a FUCKING HEADCASE, then start dating another beautiful woman.”

Oh yes, what a life of abject misery he must lead. Where do I sign up for such an intolerable life?



  1. ha, ha ha, love it. Yep George has it all sorted!

  2. lmbo oh yeah he figured it out real quick .. especially based off of Brad's choices that I am sure he is kickinghimself for now lol.. Jennifer not looking so plain nowadays is she brad ole boy

  3. I am passing onto you a tag/award/nod. It is the “Honest Scrap” tag. Please go to my site to grab it and get the requirements. If you have it already, please accept my apologies. Should you choose to sit this one out, or do not wish to get it – no harm no foul. They can be work, but know that I enjoy passing it on to you! Keep up the good work! Tony

  4. Just saw you have the award - sorry about that!
    Tony (Still think you deserve it ;)

  5. Oh, yes. George DOES have it figured out. What a cutie, too. WHEN will he start to look less attractive and elderly??? WHEN?!

  6. Georgey Peorgey puddin and pie - kissed the girls then made them cry -- when the girls no longer wanted to 'play'- Georgie Porgie ran away ! or something... !

  7. Seriously, do you not want to be at a dinner party with George, his latest squeeze, Brad, Ange (to discuss raising gazillions of kids), Matt Damon, his wife? And throw my broke ass into the mix on Lake Como...and several bottles of wine.

    Throw Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler in just for shits and giggles.

    Interesting evening.

    George I've seen Revenge of the Killer Tomatos...guess we all have to start somewhere...

  8. Makes all the sense in the world to me...that's my hub's take on it to. He doesn't understand why anyone in Hollywood gets married...he says if he had the kind of life the likes of Mr. Clooney up there he wouldn't even dream about getting married.


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