Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh, Mother!

Sunday is Mothers Day here, and of course, all week my letterbox has been bombarded with catalouges full of 'gift ideas'.

Apparently though, as a Mother, the only things I must be in need of are slippers, dressing gowns, cooking utensils (can you imagine... "Here Mum, just to reinforce that the only thing you do around here is fill up the trough, here's a frypan." I see a frypan-erectomy resulting from that scenario), music by either Andre Rieu or Susan Boyle or a chintzy little tea mug.

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Umm... exactly what sort of profile are Mothers getting these days? Even my mother sneers at the assumed interests of 'her set'. Frankly, she'd rather be dancing than knitting, cares not a jot for houseplants, and whilst she thinks mad old Sue has a great voice, would rather listen to Duffy.

As for the 20- and 30-something Mums out there, where's our catalouge? The one with cool, funky stuff that doesn't buy into the notion that the minute we produce another human, we forfeit all rights to having a lifestyle and interests on par with our non-human producing peers.

For the record, here's what I, a 32 year old Mum, would like for Mothers Day (Hubby, your ears should have pricked up right about now):

Tickets to Powderfinger's last ever concert in their hometown of Brisbane. Bernard, I heart you.

A signed first edition of To Kill A Mockingbird.

A day at a spa.

One of those funky silver necklaces where you put your child's thumbprint in the charm.

Enough moolah to go buy a great pair of black ankle boots for this winter.

This t-shirt:

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Doncha love it?

And of course, a full nights sleep and the eternal gratitude of my child.

Actually, I kind of would like some of those cute Davenport home socks. Well, the tiles do get cold...

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Just don't tell the catalouge people, okay?



  1. Hey there,
    I hate the cataloges at this time of the year too.
    I have told hubby to get me something that i want this I am getting my nose pierced!! Just to be totally different!!
    Have a lovely mothers day hun. Hope you get what you wished for!!

  2. My husband joked that he was going to get me slippers. Thing is I'd kinda like a new pair of slippers...
    Though that signed first edition of To Kill A Mockingbird sounds pretty good too.

  3. I'll come to Powderfinger with you!

  4. Love your list. In a bout of self gifting I procured the Powderfinger tix but would much like the other things on your list. And I hope you at least get the slippers. xo

  5. I want cowboy boots - red ones. Though I must say, I do love a good fluffy pair of slippers, so cannot claim to be totally cliche free. :)

  6. Great list! I especially love the spa day and the black ankle boots. I think those are going on my list as well, thank you much!

  7. The last 2 years were pyjamas and dressing gown for me, boy do I feel old! And what about the Sam Moran CD they are peddling right now, trying to appeal to the 30ish mothers out there who have to put up with the man in the W.iggles, assuming we now want a disc full of do-overs from him. No thanks!

    I told the husb this year, a Pandora bead would do very nicely, but we'll have to wait and see. But if I am really honest? A thorough house, windows, floors, oven, fridge and bathrooms clean by a professional mob would be perfect for me!

  8. I want a 2 seater black Mercedes, a bottle of Tequila and to be able to finish the book I'm reading. Not asking for much is it?

  9. OMG! I forgot to buy Powderfinger tickets.

  10. I love your list and may very well cut and paste it and leave it lying around (on the fridge)

  11. posting this one on FB too. Too good not to share :-)

  12. OHMIGAWD! The catalog people have absolutely NO mercy! Speaking as a person who.... "don't get out much", I can tell you that I have ordered frequently from catalogs in the past. They take down addresses and take it seriously. I can hardly get into my mailbox now.
    (Those house shoes DO look comfy...)

  13. See, I find it amazing what they manage to pack up and pass off as 'ideal Mothers Day gifts'. I went to Crazy Clarks last week and they were trying to pass off those big plastic storage boxes as the perfect thing for Mum... I'm pretty sure that would NOT cut it with my Mother...

  14. Happy Mother's Day love! Hope you got any and all of those fab requests. Linked to you today on my blog.


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