Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's in your private place?

Calling all voyeurs, come take a look in a woman's most private place. No, not there, you gutter-minded swine, here - in her handbag!

Okay, I stole this idea from Allie at In A Beautiful Pea Green Boat. The idea is to photograph the contents of your handbag. You know how they say you can tell more about a woman by looking in her handbag than by talking to her for half an hour? Well, it took me roughly half an hour to catalouge everything in my bag! See that rather deflated looking handbag? It somehow, through a magical kink in the time/space continuum, manages to contain all the assorted detrius you see surrounding it...

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Let's see, what have we got in there? Wallet, check; phone, check; keys, check; magical fairy wand, check. What, you don't have one??? There's also a dinosaur toy, a binkie (dummy) and a pair of size 3 knickers - this may be why, when I ended up having to dump the entire contents of my bag on the desk at the Nokia Service Centre to find my service card, I felt the need to assure the clerk at Nokia I was not in fact a child predator, just a harried Mum.

There are also sunnies for myself and GG, keys to my Mum's place, a face washer (I don't know either, it just sort of ended up in there), moist wipes (called Sticky Fingers - how cute is that!?!), a re-usable bag, a USB with photos on it I have been meaning to print out for approximately 3 years, notepads, pen, a sparkly glitter hair clip long been given up for lost, 45 cents worth of change, the garage door opener, tissues, Panadol, hand sanitiser, 3 receipts for things I can't remember buying, scraps of paper on them with either a phone number or an address, but no other identifying information, and a pack of snacks for when I forgot to eat breakfast GG. There are also 3 supposed all-day lipsticks in pretty much the same shade, but one is in the shade I wear, but has no clear gloss left, the other I don't really like the shade, but use the gloss with the other lipstick, and the other is a cherry gloss I wear on it's own. Oh, and lip balm, for when I'm not wearing make-up. No, I'm not as addicted to beauty products as it may seem, but I chew my lips when I'm stressed or confused.. and that's pretty much my default setting.

Oh, and my Justice of the Peace official stamp, inkpad and paraphanalia. Yes siree, I am OFFICIALLY an upstanding member of the community, responsible beyond reproach. (Unless, of course, I have been drinking, then I'm up for mischief and low level lawlessness. Absolutely.)

And of course, my Little Box of Tricks. I think this may need some explanation... You know when you find yourself saying, "Damn, I wish I had a safety pin/something to close this packet/Band Aid for my rubbing shoe/miniature pack of playing cards/sewing kit/tweezers/bit of superglue/hair band/something to take for this cold!" Well, I'm your go-to gal. I have it.

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There is nothing the Box of Tricks can't fix. It once McGuyver'd a heli-plane out of pipe cleaners and duct tape to spirit me to freedom when lost in the Louisiana swamplands... okay, maybe not, but it's very bloody handy, especially when you break things a lot, like me!

You know, for someone so organised, you think I'd be more... well, organised.

So there you have it, I have laid my soul bare... and it's a far cry from when I used to sail out the door with nothing but a phone in one jeans pocket and a ATM card in the other... oh, the freedom...

So c'mon, tell me... what's in your private place???



  1. Um ok , wallet, checkbook, all various sorts of pens ( they are my weakness, mints, gum, comb, tylenol, sinus meds, camera( I love taking pics), and anointing and prayer oil.. ummyeah lol not that interesting truly..

  2. You know I have carried two bandaids and several safety pins in my wallet for years. You'd be surprised how often that safety pin stash has been dipped into!
    YOU? look prepared for anything! Just like the mother of a small one should!

  3. I got mostly lint and empty gum wrappers so I'm real impressed with your stuff!

  4. I've got a really small purse, so there's not much in there of interest. :)
    Stopping by from SITS!

  5. Wow, that's a damn magic bag you have there woman!

    I have a wallet, notepad, pens and pennies floating around the bottom. That's it.

  6. Love your box of tricks - I need to make/assemble myself one of those!

    Happy sits sharefest from N Ireland

  7. I love these posts!

  8. You have so much more interesting things in your handbag than I. All I have is a change purse, checkbook, cough drops (in case someone on the bus starts coughing), my cell phone instruction book and a New Testament. Not eve keys, I carry those in my pocket. Maybe I could do a post about this after all. I have different things in my Sunday purse. If I do, I'll include credit to you for my inspiration!

  9. Hey there, stopping by from SITS! Gonna stay a bit and look around!! Hope you're having a great weekend!


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