Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunshine in the Downpour

Well, it just won't stop raining here on the sunny Gold Coast. Hurumph.

In spite of all this drearyness, I have been nominated for a couple of bloggy awards, both with a Sunshine theme. To say these have brightened my day is like saying those mint-chip mini chocolate eggs are only a little bit addictive.

First up, the lovely Allie at In a Beautiful Pea Green Boat gave me this:

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This is my first award for commenting, rather than my own blogging, so it was really nice to get that sort of appreciation. I know I myslef love to get comments, reassuring myself that people are actually interested, or at least amused, by what I have to say.

I have a lovely little "tribe" of regular commenters, and want to pass this award on to all of them, so hang in there... here we go:

Sharni @ Chronicles of Sharnia (or Sharnanigans)
Dual Mom @ We're at Dad's That Week
Gucci Mama @ Mama Still Wears Gucci
Katherine @ Lessons from the Monk I Married
Alex @ Whoa Mumma
Gun Diva @ Just Another Perfect Day
Caitlyn Nicholas
Krissa @
Daffy @ Batcrap Crazy
Singed Wing Angel @ Angel Believes

I truly appreciate each and every comment I get, so bring it on ladies!!!

Then, just the other day, Gregory J at Living My Life, Whatever, gave me this:

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Pretty huh? There's probalby a whole bunch of rules attached, but all I really want to do is say that to all those listed above, and these lovely blogs below, you bring a ray of sunshine to my blogosphere!

The Bad Moms Club
Alone in a Holy Land

Alrighty folks, I think that'll about do me, I now have about 7 hours of notifying to do, so if I miss you - Surprise!!!



  1. Congrats on your awards! Apparently, you are a sunny, sunny girl! (Hope you get some ACTUAL sunshine soon!!)

  2. Aww congrats on your awards and ty so much for apssing them on to me as well. I love reading about other peoples life and I do love commenting cause LIke you I hate not having comments or the ones that go lol or great post.. IT is nice ot know someone actually read it lol...

  3. Congrats on your award and thank you so much for passing it on to me. Man, you thought I was a commenting busy-body before, just you wait!

  4. Congrats on some well deserved awards! And thanks for passing one onto me!! ;)

  5. Oooooh! I love it! All pretty and sunshiny yellow! It's really going to class up my trophy case!
    Thanks, darling!

  6. Pretty awards, thanks for passing them on! Rain, rain GO AWAY!

  7. shit, I nearly didn't make it to comment after being awarded for commenting! Thanks Quixy! Cowboy broke wrist just back..... hope things are well - thanks


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