Saturday, May 29, 2010

You will never be merely pretty.

Oh wow. I just found this site, Consumption Rebellion (which is awesome!) and on it, this amazing piece from poetry slammer Katie Makkai.

Given all that I have spoken about in regards to my angst when I think about how I am going to counter-act all the shameless, insidious poision in society and the media and convince my darling, clever, funny, kind and, yes, gorgeous girl that she is not only beautiful just the way she is, but that is is worth far more than just her appearance anyway, well, I just had to share this.


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  1. Thanks for linking back to me! Its a powerful poem isn't it. I have to admit, I cried the first time I heard it.

    Also you said that you have a DS you were willing to pass on? My daughter and I would love hear a bit more about it (eg. how many games and does it have a stylus (the pen thingy)).

    Do you think the games on it are suitable for a 7 year old (my daughter) and if my son (almost 6) may be able to play on it every now and then?

    My email is:

    I like your blog too! :)


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