Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Is this like cheating on your blog?

Well, I've been very naughty, neglecting my own blog to write for another!! It's like e-adultery, isnt it!!!

If you can bring yourself to forgive me, I am back at Sharnanigans tonight, talking about how becoming a mother has changed me and set me on this path of discovery. It seems like I have a regular gig there now, which I am totally excited about. I love Sharni's website, and I love being part of it as we all work together to figure out this motherhood / spirituality thing.



  1. Not at all. Thanks so much for being my guest, always an honor. Love your work and your inspiration!!! A breath of fresh air in the sphere of blogs!! haha x

  2. Oh, cheat all you want. Your blog will forgive you.

  3. Just buy your blog some expensive jewelery. I'm sure it'll work out.


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